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Making The Best Hire: The Super Bowl of Recruiting

By Brandon Pinckney

“Recruiting and Staffing Everyday like it’s the Superbowl” – Brandon Pinckney

Just like that I’m BACKKKK! One of my favorite weekends is upon us “Super Bowl Weekend” and like professional sports, only the best of the best can participate on championship Sunday.

Recruiting/Staffing and Sports have a lot in common. At each position, no matter the team, players, coaches, executives want to show that they are the best in their position.
Similar to staffing – recruiters, sales managers, C-Suite executives wake up and thrive off the competition. Who can win at identifying top talent? Who can retain top talent… who can win a bid…who can win new business… what is company growth/numbers year over year?

Brandon in his football days when he was a free agent quarterback preparing for the Globe Bowl

That’s why I love this business. After playing football for many years (professionally as a Baltimore Raven and earlier as Frankfurt Pirate in the European League), I’ve applied the same fundamentals of hard work and dedication to this “Sport” – I mean ‘industry” (haha) – which is my secret sauce for success.

Just like in sports, to make it in the recruitment business you need thick skin and a short memory. That’s why every day I walk into the office my motto is: “Recruiting and Staffing – do it like it’s the SUPER BOWL.”  Let me share with you why I think the Super Bowl and Recruitment have a lot in common. – Just like a high stakes sporting event, when it comes to finding the best talent for a business, there’s no substitute for a quality recruiting firm. A good recruiting firm can help a business identify and recruit top-tier candidates, create a powerful employer brand, and ensure that hiring processes are streamlined, efficient and offer a timely turnaround.

Unfortunately, many businesses simply don’t have the resources or the time to effectively manage their own recruiting efforts. That’s when they turn to recruitment firms like Lloyd Staffing to help them source and refer the most qualified candidate talent for their organizations.

Lloyd is a top-tier recruitment partner offering responsive, innovative solutions to support the talent challenges of our clients . Additionally, we work in specialized practice areas powered by subject matter experts (SMEs) with deep expertise in fields such as marketing, finance, engineering, technology and other areas. As a firm we can quickly and efficiently tap into a robust talent pipeline and put strategies in motion to refer only the most qualified top performers.

Why work with us?

  • Professionalism:
    Lloyd understands that the recruiting process is about more than just finding candidates. We build relationships with both candidate talent and employers learning the small details of each audience. We treat everyone in our network ethically and make trust and mutual respect the foundation of our business.
  • Efficiency:
    Lloyd realizes the importance of speed in the recruiting process. That’s why the firm works quickly to source, screen and qualify only the best candidates, making sure that hard and soft skills, as well as the candidate “DNA” are a good culture fit.  We know that downtime is like a timeout in football and stops the game clock – you can’t do that and be a successful business.
  • Cost-Effectiveness:
    Small and medium size businesses often believe the cost of an outside recruitment partner is too expensive for them.  Lloyd Staffing understands this and demonstrates value by only requiring a fee for a hired candidate and then backs this placement with a 90 day guarantee. No one loses.

When it comes to recruiting, there should only be first string players on your team.

At Lloyd we repeatedly use the hashtag #talentwins and that’s the same whether it applies to football players or to professional recruiters like myself.  In fact, coaching legend Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a whileyou don’t do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.” 

That sounds a lot like how we do things at Lloyd.


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Brandon Pinckney is an experienced Tech Recruiter with 7 years of proven success in the Search industry.
His competitive spirit and disciplined work ethic earned him a BA from St. Francis Xavier University where he was in the Political
Science program and played varsity football. Before entering the corporate arena, Brandon played professional football with the Baltimore Ravens & in Europe with the Frankfurt
Pirates. He also was a Physical Education teacher and currently does public speaking and podcasting events.


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