Living LLoyd

Living LLoyd

LivingLLoyd is more than a concept – it is a combination of pride, culture and the desire to hire smart and deliver the very best outcome. Internal staff embrace it, candidates and contract workforce welcome its strength, and clients benefit from its power and promise.

When we hire our recruiting professionals, we look for experts in our business lines who can recognize great talent and have the intelligence, intuitiveness and demeanor to engage with our client partners. LLoyd is a corporate family dedicated to a high level of professionalism in an industry we love and a mission we take seriously.

Our staff members are intellectually curious, resilient and innovative; they are regularly asked to speak at events and publish articles in the media. We remain true to our core values and enable our employees to engage in challenging and rewarding work while achieving personal and professional goals. We have shown that engaged, growth-minded employees are the foundation of a successful and sustainable growth business.

LivingLLoyd is defined as people who live our core values, are in the “right seat” at the right time, enjoy doing what they do and want to get it done. They are willing to fail forward and grow, so they become the best at what they do.

Placements With A Purpose

In 2017, LLoyd launched our Placements with a Purpose (PWP program), partnering with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to help create a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D) for the millions of children and adults living with this disease.

LLoyd’s PWP donates to JDRF every time a client hires a LLoyd candidate and every time a temporary associate or consultant is field assigned to a client company. LLoyd wanted our candidates and clients to know that when they do business with us, they are helping to do something good with their investment in our services. We don’t just stop at JDRF; LLoyd supports other causes, both regional and national. Our programs are designed so our star performers can nominate a cause of their choice as one of our PWP partners as part of their rewards for outstanding recruitment achievements.

Diversity And Inclusion

LLoyd helps organizations recruit, hire and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce at all levels, for all skills and all talent populations. In helping our client companies carry out their D&I initiatives, it is essential that these same values are embedded into the LLoyd company culture. We do this by recognizing and celebrating diverse populations, including women, veterans, workers with disabilities, LGBTQ, differences in age, ethnicity, race, backgrounds and diverse life/workstyles.

LLoyd’s goal is to make both our internal and contract employees comfortable so that they feel free to bring their authentic selves to work. By fostering a culture of respect where we celebrate diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we will continue to build a collaborative, higher-performing team where communication, cooperation and innovation thrive and move our company forward.

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