Why LLoyd Staffing?

Identify, qualify, and engage skilled talent for your company’s culture and goals.

The Hiring Journey

The hiring challenges that businesses face regarding recruiting are the lack of time, technology, tools, and/or bandwidth to identify the right talent for an open position. The risks of passing on qualified impact candidates and wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates lengthen the time to hire, costing the company significantly.

Our Partnership Offers You…

  • Fifty years of learning, failing forward and building an amazing team of internal staff members – LivingLLoyd.
  • Continuous investment in innovation to gain speed and selection in a competitive talent market.
  • Professional and nationally certified, industry-specific Interviewers! (our secret sauce).
  • Accelerated outcomes such as…
    • Giving you your time back
    • New talent Ideas to bring forward
    • Professional interviewers selecting the better talent in the market for you to meet 
    • A stronger talent brand (a client partner who uses the total person approach)
    • Speed to hire (anxiety reduction and removal of the chaos of the process)
  • Resilience and accountability – we have decades of rapidly adapting to client and marketplace demands. LLoyd carries a pledge of service and commitment to deliver talent ideas that go beyond a client’s expectations.
  • Selectivity – we do not work with everyone or every company. We have found that mutual commitments yield the best results for YOU and the talent we select for you. We never want our client partners to settle for a transactional relationship.
  • We have designed processes, systems and innovation around engagement and vetting of talent that has increased the velocity to capture the attention of the most desired talent (we listen and learn what skills clients need to grow now and what future skills will be in demand).
  • Our proven Q Process drives the life cycle of job DNA and talent selection (based on a top-grade foundation). Let us walk you through it, and maybe you can use it inside your own company.
  • Our recruitment and talent engagement tech stack is built on a more human and social/community platform: leveraging AI sourcing tools, social marketing, video engagement and advisory events for both active and passive talent.

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