Payroll Procedures And Timesheets

Getting Paid

Making sure you are paid correctly is one of LLoyd’s most important commitments to you. To ensure we are able to do this with accuracy, we need your help in tracking the time you arrive and leave your assignment each day and how long you take for lunch.

Your hourly wage is determined by your skill set, experience and the client’s job requirements. This rate may vary from assignment to assignment. Before you accept an assignment, your LLoyd Talent Specialist will alert you to the pay rate. You are paid for all approved hours, excluding lunch hours. Any extra hours or overtime MUST be approved by LLoyd Staffing in advance of your timesheet submission. LLoyd is your employer – NOT the client where you are on assignment. As your employer, we are responsible for deducting from your pay mandatory FICA, Federal, State and Local taxes.

Payroll Portal

You can view all of your paystubs and documents in our Online Portal. To access your portal, click here LLoyd Portal

You will enter your login name (it should be your email address but in rare instances, it may be your first/last name) and your password.

Once you are logged into the portal, you will be able to access information such as timesheets, reports, previous checks, update your availability, change your password, and much more.

If you have any issues, please email


The majority of LLoyd assignments require you to complete an online timesheet. Your LLoyd Talent Specialist will inform you at the onset and provide you with appropriate instructions. The VMS /Employee Portal provides access to the online platforms utilized by LLoyd client companies.

Direct Deposit And Cash Cards

LLoyd offers this convenient method of receiving your weekly paycheck so that it is in your account on payday each week.

Most LLoyd Associates utilize either direct deposit to their bank accounts or deposit to a Cash Card that LLoyd will provide. Associates using either of these programs will have their check in their bank account or Cash Card account on Friday.

LLoyd is pleased to offer a convenient, immediate method to receive your paycheck via a Cash Card which will be issued as a personalized Visa pay card. This is an ideal option for individuals who do not have a bank account for direct deposit or choose to use one. It enables you to receive your paycheck in real time every Friday without a delay waiting for a paper check in the mail. There are no monthly, annual or low balance fees which make it very convenient for individuals who do not have or do not choose to utilize their bank accounts.