Payroll Procedures And Timesheets

Getting Paid

Making sure you are paid correctly is one of LLoyd’s most important commitments to you. To ensure we are able to do this with accuracy, we need your help in tracking the time you arrive and leave your assignment each day and how long you take for lunch. 

Your hourly wage is determined by your skill set, experience and the client’s job requirements. This rate may vary from assignment to assignment. Before you accept an assignment, your LLoyd Talent Specialist will alert you to the pay rate. You are paid for all approved hours, excluding lunch hours. Any extra hours or overtime MUST be approved by LLoyd Staffing in advance of your timesheet submission. LLoyd is your employer – NOT the client where you are on assignment. As your employer, we are responsible for deducting from your pay mandatory FICA, Federal, State and Local taxes. 

Payroll Portal

You can view your paystubs, in the ADP Online Portal. To access the portal, Click here: 
WORKFORCENOW.ADP will be sending out an email containing a link with a unique code and detailed instructions to register your account. You may have already set up your account during Onboarding or Benefits Enrollment. 

Once registered, you will be able to sign in and update your Taxes and Direct Deposit information. 

If you have any questions, please email 


Lloyd utilizes an online timesheet. Your Staffing Specialist will reach out to provide the appropriate instructions for completion. 

 To access the Lloyd Timesheet Portal . – Here is the link –  

*Note: If you are working at a client that uses a Vendor Management System, you will be alerted by your Staffing Specialist to utilize a different timesheet. 

If you have any issues, please email 

Direct Deposit

Your paycheck will be direct deposited into your bank account. Your Staffing Specialist or a member of the Care Team will assist you in setting this up. You will need to provide Lloyd with a voided check or a pre-printed Direct Deposit form from the bank. You will need to email this info to either your Staffing Specialist or to 

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