What you need to know as a LLoyd contract associate.

Welcome To LLoyd Staffing

We are pleased to have you join LLoyd as a valued contingent talent associate. You are joining one of the most trusted and long-standing companies in the staffing industry. As a member of our flexible workforce team, we will do our best to provide you with challenging and rewarding employment opportunities with the very best regional and national companies.

Our mission is to excel at identifying, representing and connecting workforce talent. This means we are committed to making sure your skills, background and career goals are a good fit for your work assignment and that you are a good culture fit for our client’s work environment.

Referral Program For The #LLoydEmployed


Earn a $50 gift card for each referral if you are a current or former member of the #LLoydEmployed. 

We have found that our best assignment associates are those who have been referred by our current employees. Everyone seems to have a friend, neighbor or relative seeking new employment opportunities.

If you are a current LLoyd Associate or have ever completed a temporary or contract assignment and received a LLoyd paycheck, you qualify for a referral bonus. 

If you know someone who you believe would be a good LLoyd Associate, please read these Program Guidelines to qualify.

Program Guidelines

If you refer someone who registers and works for LLoyd for a minimum of 160 hours within four months of your referral, you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card! 

The referral’s 160 work hours may not include any unexcused absences.

If a candidate is submitted more than once as a referral, only the first referring employee will qualify for the reward.

A LLoyd employee will receive only one reward per candidate; however, there is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals an employee can make!

To qualify, you must attach the individual’s resume.

  • You will receive your Amazon gift card via email once your friend has completed his/her 160 hours.
  • LLoyd reserves the right to change, modify or terminate this program at any time. 
  • Gift cards and bonuses are subject to tax. Program is effective 7/23/2019 and may be modified or withdrawn at any time.
  • Start earning referral rewards today!
  • * Please note this program may not be in effect at every LLoyd location. Please check with your staffing specialist to see if your office participates.*

Employment Policies

As long-standing members of the business community, LLoyd takes a serious approach to professional practices and standards of conduct. We have clearly defined policies to guide hiring,  performance and ethical behavior for our Associates.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

LLoyd Staffing is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for applicants and employees. It is the policy of LLoyd Staffing that all employees and applicants for employment shall be treated in a manner free of discrimination regarding race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin,  age or handicap.

If an employee believes that they have been discriminated against in their employment with LLoyd Staffing, the employee should notify management immediately.

LLoyd Staffing will not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind by anyone within the company. Any employee who believes they have been the victim of sexual harassment shall report such complaint to management for investigation and resolution.

LLoyd Policies

Based on your assignment, you may need to agree that LLoyd has the authority to conduct a drug screen and/or background check as a condition of your employment. You must also agree to abide by the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which protects an individual’s medical records and other personal information with which you may come in contact during your assignment.

The following are LLoyd’s policies, and you will be required to follow these guidelines.


The main goal of our Safety and Loss Prevention Program is to prevent accidents. This means that safety and health will be a vital part of our business values and your daily work routine. To achieve this, we have the following goals:  

  • To have all staff help design, practice, and maintain our Safety and Loss Prevention Program 
  • To create a Safety Committee that includes managers and workers 
  • To develop programs and procedures to meet our safety and health needs 
  • To implement an ongoing safety and health training program for all staff 
  • To inform all staff of their safety and health responsibilities 
  • To conduct a complete baseline safety and health review of our facility 


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