Real talent is the difference between good and great.

A Hire Isn’t Just A Seat That’s Been Filled…

It’s not about a business transaction, it’s about a person making an impact on your organization!

LLoyd aims to deliver service that exceeds expectations. This is accomplished through tenacious attention to detail, face-to-face relationships, the desire to get “inside the heads” of our clients and candidates to best understand their challenges and goals. It’s how we achieved the Best in Staffing Award for Client Service and earned a Net Promoter Score that was more than eight times the industry average for staffing and recruiting agencies. We are members of an elite 2% of all staffing firms in the U.S. and Canada to accomplish this achievement.

LLoyd’s top 10 clients have been with us an average of 15.4 years, and 67% of our entire client base are the result of referrals from other satisfied clients and candidates.

Contract Talent

LLoyd employs and provides contract talent engagements on a temporary or interim basis for organizations at times of growth, change and as a scalable and cost-effective way to address fluctuating business activity. Temporary staffing services bridge the gap between workforce capability and required performance. Many people choose contract employment based on lifestyle needs, including career flexibility and exposure to new environments and opportunities.

Direct Hire Placement

Direct hire staffing services place candidates into full-time positions with our client companies. Our recruiters have expertise in specific industries and are continuously developing and refining their talent pipelines. A successful placement happens on purpose, never by accident. It is the careful result of LLoyd’s proven multistep formula for matching skills, background, experience and culture.

Retained Executive Search

LLoyd conducts retained searches at the highest level of leadership for situations requiring sensitivity and professional protocol. Such searches are crucial for identifying candidates for consideration who might otherwise remain anonymous. Our professional recruitment services are a precisely targeted and well-defined process that encompasses exclusivity and a high degree of collaboration and trust between LLoyd, the employer and the candidate.

Custom Programs

LLoyd delivers strategic solutions to enhance workforce productivity and profitability to improve the recruitment cycle, the talent acquisition process, and critical spend/usage data. We tailor our solutions to address an organization’s unique challenges as defined by skill, culture, location, cost and volume. Please contact us to learn more about these fully customized client options.
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o Subscription Services

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