Mastering the Hiring Process: 9 Proven Tips to Simplify and Excel

Hiring Process

    Finding the right people for your team is more important than ever. The old ways of hiring just don’t cut it anymore, as today’s job seekers expect more than a paycheck. No matter their generation, candidates are looking for a great company culture, growth opportunities, and a meaningful role. To attract and keep […]

The Art of Quitting: The Differences Between Loud Quitting and Quiet Quitting

quiet quitting

Contemplating quitting your job? The dramatic exit of loud quitting contrasts sharply with the subtle retreat of soft quitting. Discover how these distinct departure styles reflect deeper workplace trends and impact both employees and employers. We’ve all seen them…the surge of employees publicly quitting their jobs on TikTok.  Some have dubbed this trend Quittoking.  Videos […]

How Do You Answer ‘Introduce Yourself’ in a Job Interview?

How Do You Answer Introduce Yourself in a Job Interview

“Tell me about yourself” is a timeless classic when it comes to the job interview – candidates have been answering it for over 100 years. In many situations, this open-ended question is often one of the first in an interview, setting the tone for the rest of the conversation. Here’s how to answer Introduce Yourself […]

What Is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Staffing and How Does it Work

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have become indispensable to companies with high volume contingent labor needs. Companies like Lloyd Staffing, with their extensive experience and innovative MSP strategies, are revolutionizing how their client companies handle their staffing needs. But what exactly is an MSP in workforce management, and how does it function in staffing? Why might […]

The Pros and Cons of Temporary vs. Permanent Jobs

temporary vs. permanent

  Temporary work – a category of employment once seen merely as a stopgap measure for job seekers between jobs or for actresses and artists waiting for their big break, has transformed into a respected and strategic option for many workers. Employers use temporary workers for flexible staffing needs and as a smart strategy for […]

Is Freelance Work the Future of Employment?

Freelance Work

  Is Freelance Work the Future of Employment?   Although Covid was largely responsible for how the workforce in general started thinking about how they work and live, the freelance movement was already growing.  In fact, the employment landscape is continuing to undergo a profound transformation. Freelance work, gig work, and flexible staffing are becoming […]