A Mission to Mentor, Connect and Lead

By Jeanine Banks, CSP, Executive Vice President, Lloyd Staffing   A MENTOR IS A VALUED ASSET TO YOUR CAREER PATH As this year’s college graduates stream into the workplace, it seems a good time to mention a powerful concept for building a successful career:  Getting Mentored You can gain a mentor at any age, but […]

It’s Not Your Father’s Workplace Anymore

This post has been updated and portions of it originally appeared in the Long Island Press By Nancy Schuman, CSP, CMO, Lloyd Staffing So much is always written about working mothers… stay-at-home moms… the challenges of mothers in the workplace… well, you get the idea. Fathers and work are an old story, so what’s the […]

What Matters Most?

Old values have shifted. Employers can no longer use tried and true earnings carrots to dangle in front of prospective new hires.  Each generation seemingly has different goals post pandemic. Compensation while still very important, is running in close check with work/life balance.  Erin Scruggs, VP of Talent Acquisition at LinkedIn shared that, “Greater flexibility […]

Creating a Recruitment Strategy

By Katie Lamberti, Client Success Manager, LLoyd Healthcare Whenever I get an inquiry from a prospective client company interested in using my skills to assist with a talent opening, I’m always a bit surprised when I ask them what their current recruitment strategy has been and then there is dead air.  I’m not trying to […]


Can Employers and Boomerang Hires Reconcile in Happy Outcomes? When Thomas Wolfe wrote, “You can’t go home again,” we know he probably wasn’t talking about going back to a job you vacated since the start of the pandemic, but for today’s worker – he could have been. Maybe you left because you were struggling to figure out a […]


  LLoyd Staffing’s Executive Director, Barbara Cohen Farber, joined Mindy Stern, SPHR-SHRM-SCP for a live interview where participants asked questions about the job search process, working with a recruiter and get Barbara’s inside tips for landing the position. This session was held on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 but if you missed it, you can watch […]