Getting There

The discontent of the American worker has left a lot of people wondering where they want to go with their career. – What fuels their passion…what gives them job satisfaction?  The answer they need may come in the form of a “human GPS” – a Career Coach, to offer some direction and planning.  A Career […]

Assessing An Employee’s Value – How is it Measured?

By Billy Veraszto, Vice President Technology & Operations We just returned from our annual vacation to a resort in Mexico that we have visited for the past 11 years in a row (we did lose one year from Covid, but we don’t count that!). We have met many other couples over the years, and we […]

Lloyd Adds MedComms as New Practice Area

Medical Communications encompasses a wide range of areas, including medical writing, medical education, scientific communications, account management and regulatory affairs. This unique community plays an important role within the healthcare industry informing other professionals and patients about the latest developments in research, product offerings and patient outcomes.  At Lloyd, we see a growing need for […]


By Nancy Schuman, CSP, Chief Communications Officer, Lloyd Staffing Evaluating job offers The grass always seems greener someplace else doesn’t it? Well, that’s at least how 65% of American workers who are actively searching for a new job are thinking at the moment.  – But how will they know if the change is right?  Even more […]

Side By Side

By Nancy Schuman, CSP, Chief Communications Officer, Lloyd Staffing A study conducted in June 2022 has recently published some results about workplace friendships. According to Gallup, just 2 in 10 adult U.S. employees currently report having a “best friend” at work. The study also showed a strong connection between workers with best friends on the job and […]

Making The Best Hire: The Super Bowl of Recruiting

By Brandon Pinckney “Recruiting and Staffing Everyday like it’s the Superbowl” – Brandon Pinckney Just like that I’m BACKKKK! One of my favorite weekends is upon us “Super Bowl Weekend” and like professional sports, only the best of the best can participate on championship Sunday. Recruiting/Staffing and Sports have a lot in common. At each […]