COVER LETTER TIPS How to write a contemporary cover letter that commands attention

Cover letter

  Just when you thought the cover letter was dead in the 2024 workforce, LinkedIn shared 20 statistics why cover letters remain important to your job search. A few of these notable stats: • 60% of companies continue to require these letters of introduction from job candidates • 83% of hiring managers frequently or always […]

International Women’s Day 2024: Gender Equality in the Workforce

international women's day

International Women’s Day is observed annually on March 8th; it is a global celebration that recognizes the achievements and contributions of women while advocating for gender equality. This day serves as a reminder of the progress made in empowering women and the challenges that persist. In the United States and around the world, the importance […]

Strategic Ways to Broaden Talent Acquisition Pipelines

Talent Acquisition

By Nancy Schuman, CSP   As recruitment and talent acquisition professionals, we’re all too familiar with the common refrain of having numerous job openings and a shortage of qualified talent. As of a January 2024 report, there are currently 1.4 jobs available for every unemployed worker. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows that there are […]

Leveraging Agency Contractors in the Freelance Economy

6 Ways to Improve Effectiveness   The traditional model of hiring full-time employees was what they did in your grandfather’s workplace. Today, employers strategically focus on flexibility and adaptability by integrating contract talent from staffing firms into their workforce planning. The rise of the freelance economy has ushered in a new era where businesses can […]

Job Titles – Substance or Hype?

We are all walking on new terrain when it comes to contemporary job titles.  Titles like “Chief Happiness Officer” and “AI Proctor” are not mere buzzwords; they represent the new currency in the workforce. THE RISE OF ENIGMATIC TITLES Conventional titles like “Manager” or “Director” have given way to more enigmatic and futuristic designations.  “Experience […]

Navigating Career Bumps

By Nancy Schuman, CSP Imagine your career as a road trip, one full of unexpected twists and turns – referrals you didn’t expect, a call from a recruiter that pumps you up, or you’re given the chance to take the lead on a project.  All good, you’re on the fast track, right? But like any […]