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The Power to Push Forward

By Katie Lamberti, Client Success Manager, Lloyd Healthcare

As a Recruiter, I am often asked to name a highly desirable trait for candidate hiring consideration. I have a quick answer and it’s not just one that’s an outgrowth of the last 18 months, but if you have it, the pandemic has undoubtedly been easier for you to manage. My answer is Resilience – it’s what powers us to develop a positive approach to life and makes it possible to stay motivated in times of adversity, especially when it comes to solving problems in the workplace.  Resilience can also be beneficial to the growth and development of a company, as well as an individual – as demonstrated by work engagement, job satisfaction, low turnover, and overall organizational well-being.

So how can employers, workers and job candidates incorporate resilience into the workday and workforce?

  • Through the sharing of optimistic visions of the future
  • By setting ambitious goals
  • And by communicating confidence in reaching those goals

The benefits of resiliency come back to everyone exponentially. It’s a mindset that once planted, can grow and reproduce through an organization and its’ people.
Here’s what happens…

  • Employee Morale thrives.  Healthy and happy employees are more highly engaged and are able to drive quality, consumer satisfaction, and profitability;
  • Everyone Adapts.  This is accomplished by carrying on and focusing on the bigger picture. This is critical to be able to navigate through the constant changes that are inevitable in today’s fast-paced and ever evolving business environment.
  • Learning and Innovation.  Employees need to work constantly on maintaining and updating their skills.  These types of learning curves steep in the short term which can have an impact on morale and resilience.  Upskilling and training are essential to both stability and growth.
  • Teamwork. Relationships can motivate employees to examine their thinking patterns and change their interpretation of the situation, consequently reducing negative feelings between team members and improving team dynamics.
  • Career development.  Employees seeking growth and skill enhancement will make the most out of coping with adverse and complex work situations, such as negative feedback or conflict resolution – just like a tree, the resilient individual who bends and adapts when faced with a problem or criticism is always stronger than the one who breaks.
  • Adversity.  Resilience in the workplace can help people overcome challenging experiences. It can also help their growth and development.  Those who understand the dynamics of resilience can coach their employees much more effectively, resulting in having a more productive and profitable business.

My specialty is Healthcare recruitment.  I have witnessed remarkable adaptability since March 2020.   Leaders, healthcare systems, medical professionals  –  have all had to rely on resilience to move forward and offer quality patient care to those in need.  I encourage those pursuing careers in the healthcare industry to work on honing your resiliency skills. If you are resilient, it is exactly the right trait to share when an interviewer says,“Tell me about yourself.”   Resilience will serve you well personally and professionally.   U.S. attorney and healthcare activist, Elizabeth Edwards, summed it up quite succinctly when she said, “She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”   So now is the time to take a good look, you may want to adjust your sails.

About the author


Katie Lamberti is an experienced Healthcare Recruiter specializing in Medical Assistants, Medical Admin, Pharmacy, Patient Care and other related titles. A member of the Healthcare team since June 2020, Katie is based at Lloyd’s Melville headquarters where she handles contract and direct hire talent.  She is a graduate of LIU with a degree in Business Management.  She may be reached at whether you are seeking to fill a role or looking to make a career change.


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