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This week, October 18th – October 22nd is Medical Assistant Recognition Week.  The employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 23 percent through 2028 in the United States according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This is well beyond average for all occupations.

It isn’t just the Covid Pandemic that is contributing to this growth.  Additionally, the aging Baby Boomer population is creating increased demand for preventative care. Medical practices, hospitals and private practitioners are now hiring more medical assistants to perform routine administrative and clinical duties so that physicians can focus directly on patient care, instead of ancillary patient management.

Chronic diseases are also on the rise. In 2020, the number of people living with a chronic illness was 157 million Americans. Patients with chronic conditions need to visit their doctors more often, and more patients with more appointments create higher caseloads for physicians.Technology has also impacted healthcare. Advancements in med-tech are streamlining care and are getting medical assistants more involved in new ways. They are using computers and mobile devices to log and review electronic medical records and patient data in clinical settings and advanced technologies have become a standard part of any MA’s daily workday. Gone are the days of needing to use outdated, tedious, manual methods to perform tests. With new advancements in technology, medical assistants are in higher demand and working in ways they never have before.

Many healthcare providers have adopted new staffing models. Nurses are accepting greater responsibilities working with patients to assist doctors, and medical assistants are assuming many of the nurses’ duties in clinical and administrative capacities. These medical assistants are bridging this gap and taking on tasks that require skilled care.  Lloyd has seen an increased demand for qualified Medical Assistants in both contract and full time roles.  During the first 7 months following the nationwide workforce lockdown, MA’s were one of Lloyd Healthcare’s most highly sought-after job skills.  We continue to actively recruit and grow our talent pipeline.  During this Medical Assistant Recognition Week  we spoke directly with Lloyd Healthcare Recruiters to learn what hiring tips they have for MA’s looking for entry level employment or for those who have an interest in changing jobs.

Client Success Manager, Katie Lamberti said she asks every prospective job candidate these 3 key questions:

  • Why do you think you would be a good fit for one of our openings? (Katie says she looks for a sense of urgency and commitment in the individual’s response.)
  • How do you deal with pressure? (A critical job component as bed capacity and patient visits continue to change with ongoing Covid challenges.)
  • Do you have any specialty knowledge in computer technology?   Director of Lloyd Healthcare, Crystal James, CSP says,  “EMR platforms dominate the field and an MA who knows one or more programs has a definite advantage – i.e. Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, etc.”
    Katie adds that the individual’s interpersonal skills are also a factor – “This is a position that requires empathy while simultaneously assessing facts and moving forward quickly.”

Vice President of Lloyd Healthcare Melissa Matos, CSP, reports that all current clients require Lloyd candidate referrals to be fully vaccinated for Covid in order to be considered for any hire or contract role.   Says Melissa, “I look for people who understand that healthcare is a 24-hour business.  A flexibility and willingness to work late nights or a weekend is a definite advantage in making a career move or start.  This is a true make a difference role in today’s workforce – we always welcome MA resumes or calls.”

Thank you Medical Assistants for all you do and for your amazing contributions on behalf of Lloyd Healthcare Staffing!
You are valued members of the #LLoydEmployed!


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