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The Covid Chronicles #3

LLoyd employees are sharing their thoughts about what inspired them and/or the lessons they learned during the Covid19 “lockdown.”  This is the second of a series brought to you from our Fort Lauderdale, Florida office.

Discipline and Focus Can Keep Your Business Steady
by Brett Buckwald

I’m guessing like me, most people learned some new things during these recent uncertain times – especially about maintaining a work rhythm and momentum. Most of us were working from home during the height of the pandemic, so discipline and a proactive mindset became critical. For many, our value and importance to our business relationships was tested in new ways.

For me personally, it was vital to create a new normal with comfort zones being a thing of the past. Whether you are still working remote or are now back to the office, setting daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals and objectives will be the key to staying in the race and being successful. Be open-minded to learning new skills as well as ever evolving technology. Take the necessary steps to not just survive, but thrive during turbulent times. Being disciplined and getting out of our comfort zone is the key to achieving our goals and dealing with any of life’s curve balls that come our way.

We need to take proactive steps not just on a professional level, but on a personal one as well. Better eating habits, more exercise, and sleep are vital. When we were in isolation I saw how important it was to continually stay in close communication with colleagues and family members. The “lockdown” gave a great many of us the chance to re-evaluate what we want from our careers and our personal lives. For me, it was important to take daily walks to clear my head and to “smell the roses.” My advice continues to be to not spend too much time listening to the news as that can be distracting and disruptive to your day. Create a daily schedule as well as an agenda and stick to it.  Get up, get dressed, and make your bed. Being professional is a mindset. Don’t fight the technology. Schedule Zoom meetings regularly as that’s the closest thing to interpersonal contact many of us had and may continue to have depending on where you live. Don’t procrastinate or get easily distracted as that will only contribute to unnecessary stress. In order to be disciplined it’s essential that we have structure and stick to it.

Focus your thinking on both the short and long term. Be proactive instead of reactive. Don’t feel sorry for yourself or use the pandemic as an excuse for lack of productivity. Business is out there and it’s up to us to be more creative in identifying that business. Ultimately if we apply these principles with a focus and discipline – success will find us.

I welcome hearing how you coped with life outside your comfort zone and what you did to keep your business activity alive during Covid19.


Brett Buckwald
is the Director of Technology & Sales Talent at LLoyd South in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has a long and successful recruitment/search career beginning with LLoyd in our Long Island (NY) office in the 1980s until he left us for entrepreneurial endeavors.  He later spent over 25 years running his own recruitment practice in the Technology vertical. LLoyd was fortunate to welcome Brett back when he relocated from North Carolina to Florida in 2018.  He continues to place talent regionally and nationally with a focus on Technology/Sales.

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