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The Covid Chronicles #2

LLoyd employees are sharing their thoughts about what inspired them and/or the lessons they learned during the Covid19 “lockdown.”  This is the second of a series brought to you from our Fort Lauderdale, Florida office.

In Appreciation of the Work Environment and Staying Positive
by Holli Williams

In March 2020, work and business as we once knew it, came to a complete stop, along with our daily routine. Morning rush hour traffic, a cup of coffee in the break-room and candidates arriving for an interview are some of the things that I previously handled without hesitation. In fact, it was all done without really thinking about it.

Now the traffic is light, there’s no going to the break-room and absolutely no one buzzing the bell for an interview. I for one, didn’t realize how much I appreciated my job as well as how much I looked forward to going into the office until it all stopped. During the “lockdown” I had longer phone conversations with temporary associate some of whom are ready to work and some who remain afraid of leaving their homes due to COVID-19. Some are unable to leave at all because they still have to homeschool their children and some of the corporate clients I spoke to every day attending to their flexible staffing needs, have had to put business temporarily on hold.

During these days of Covid19 I learned new methods of interviewing and recruiting for different opportunities often due to our new lifestyle. I relied more on technology and less on the face-to-face.  I found myself reading more and walking more during the work day – answering the need to take a stroll thru the neighborhood to get some fresh air and disconnect with so much screen time. I made it a priority to stay positive and motivated. Working from home (remote) can be a challenge, but it makes you work harder which in return makes you feel great once you’ve had an achievement or filled an open work order.  I know it did for me. I’ve realized that sometimes we are tested not to show our weakness, but to see our strengths.

I’m reminded of a quote from the wise and talented actor Denzel Washington who said, “Do what you have to do, to do what you want to do.” 

Stay focused and stay positive and believe this too shall pass.


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Holli Williams is a Staffing Specialist
at LLoyd South in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A 21-year veteran of the recruitment and staffing industry, she has been with LLoyd since 2004. Holli is the liaison between clients seeking talent for their flexible staffing needs and candidates pursuing new employment opportunities. For many years she was the first person to greet guests when they entered our doors and her face and smile are a familiar and welcoming sight to many.

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