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The Covid Chronicles #1

As LLoyd offices prepare to re-open or actually open, some LLoyd employees are sharing their thoughts about what lessons they learned during the “lockdown.”  This one is the first of a series and is brought to you from our Fort Lauderdale, Florida office.

by Peter Giglione, CSP

I remember when my son first started school a few years ago. My wife and I were a little concerned because he had been saying, “I do not want to go to school” for months. Then he went and loved it! So what I learned from my son’s first day of school is that we have to condition ourselves to believe there are better times ahead of us, post-pandemic!

When we realized he did not want to go to school months before it was time to go, we started conditioning him in various ways. In business, this can be applied by conditioning yourself or staff for what is to come. Not brainwashing, but close. School is going to be great, school is going to be great, get it? This pandemic is going to end, this pandemic is going to end!

We started telling my son what to expect. In doing this it allowed him to be more confident going into the situation (in line with conditioning.) In business, we should have realistic expectations; if our expectations are realistic we will be more confident in our approach. I am sure we are all doing the best we can, but we have to condition ourselves to think forward and plan forward. We cannot simply lay down. Our expectation has to be that we are going to have to work twice as hard.  In the last couple of months I started working with two new clients and have two more in the works. For those of you who lost your job due to Covid challenges let me first say, I am sorry. But do yourself a favor by expecting a better one soon and start working toward it!  Expectations are useless if you don’t think ahead, plan and execute.

My son’s confidence was built up because we conditioned his expectations. He also had confidence knowing that we would be there before, during and after school. That support gave him the confidence to try. In business, a good leader will instill confidence in their employees by being there for them, conditioning them and helping manage expectations. The employee will know their manager is there for them in good times and bad! Be confident that we will get through this pandemic and learn as much as you can while going through it.

Conditioning, expectations, confidence and better days are ahead!
We are all saying this now, but we should always be saying it: “stay safe and healthy!”

Peter Giglione, CSP, Director of Client Development
serves as the key contact between regional/national clients and our recruitment and placement teams for both contingent (temporary) talent and direct hire (full time, “permanent”) hires. Peter takes pride in the relationships he has built in both business and the community; his long career in talent acquisition solutions make him an invaluable resource to companies seeking to grow their workforces with only the most qualified talent.