The Art of Quitting: The Differences Between Loud Quitting and Quiet Quitting

quiet quitting

Contemplating quitting your job? The dramatic exit of loud quitting contrasts sharply with the subtle retreat of soft quitting. Discover how these distinct departure styles reflect deeper workplace trends and impact both employees and employers. We’ve all seen them…the surge of employees publicly quitting their jobs on TikTok.  Some have dubbed this trend Quittoking.  Videos […]

The “Greatest Generation” Knows Best

This was her rally cry, her line in the sand saying WE will win – the point at which feeling disappointment and frustration turns to forward positive momentum.

LABOR PAINS – the state of the American Workforce

The birth of a new kind of worker… It’s probably fair to say that people have thought longer and harder about their careers, what they want from their employer and what kind of job will satisfy them, more in the past year than almost any other year in the past.  The pandemic has stirred a […]

How To Job Search When You Already Have A Job

There has probably never been an easier time in workforce history to look for a new position while you are still employed.  Beyond the fact that companies are clamoring for quality talent amidst tough recruiting challenges, many individuals are currently working remote or hybrid work arrangements which gives them a privacy advantage that job seekers […]