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The “Greatest Generation” Knows Best

Keith Banks, Grandma “Honey” and Jason Banks

I have to share some lighthearted good news to crack a grin or maybe even a smile this morning. I was speaking to my grandmother last night, she’s 97 years old. My brother Jason and I take turns calling her a few times per day. I try to call around 6:30 pm every evening and I need to go outside because you have to scream for her to hear with her TV on volume level 98 in the background. So last night, I get her on the phone and she proceeds to tell me that, “The virus is OVER, Trump and Cuomo said it’s better, and she’s seeing there are more cars on her Long Island street and it’s time to get back to work!”

Needless to say it took me about seven minutes of back and forth to rationalize with her; however, she wanted none of it. A woman who has seen everything we have studied in the history books since the mid 1920’s – from the Great Depression, to Epidemics, WWII and other wars, life before vaccines, penicillin and Uber. After screaming back into the phone for those few minutes, I decided this was a battle not to be won.

However, when I hung up, it did bring a smile to my face. I want to think her message was around resiliency. She has been so upset and not able to comprehend how the country she has loved and been through so much is at a standstill. This was her rally cry, her line in the sand saying WE will win – the point at which feeling disappointment and frustration turns to forward positive momentum.

Let’s all try to capture some of that positivity today and pay it forward.
Have a great day and I hope you smiled.

This blog posted back at the start of the pandemic in 2020.  We are happy to share that Rena Squarcia Baer (Honey) will celebrate her 100th birthday this month.  She is still going strong and displays that same resiliency that has been a character trait her entire life. She is proof positive that difficult times can mold us into the best versions of ourselves – strong and ready to face each new challenge.  The work ethic of “the greatest generation” sets the bar high for all the generations that have followed  – we have much to learn.

Happy 100th Birthday Honey!


Keith Banks, CSP is the President of LLoyd Staffing and a staffing and search industry leader for more than 25 years. He has expertise in talent acquisition, strategic workforce management and is the co-creator of an award winning vendor management program for staffing, Ringo. This technology, which he help pioneer in 2001, has revolutionized workforce management and changed the ways companies effectively manage the use of their temporary workers, contractors and locum tenens across a variety of industries.

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