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LLoyd Leadership Search Recruits and Places President/COO for CareConnect

March 4, 2020, Melville, NY – LLoyd Leadership Search, the executive search practice of LLoyd Staffing, a 49 year-old Long Island-headquartered recruitment firm has placed Michael Gelman as the new President and COO of CareConnect. Managing Director, Jerry Angowitz, led the assignment.
“It was a pleasure working with Jerry and his team” said CareConnect Founder, Bert Brodsky, “Jerry immediately understood the kind of leadership professional we were looking for to continue our growth and expand our national footprint. When he introduced us to Michael Gelman, we knew he was the right executive for this complex role.”

LLoyd Leadership Search was charged with finding a leader with experience building and growing a SaaS-based startup and to act as the key face of the company, developing new customers and channels to market while managing existing relationships and ensuring the achievement of overall revenue and profit goals and shareholder value.  Mr. Gelman fit that bill. His background included leadership roles as CEO, CIO, CFO, and COO within the Healthcare and HIT industries, knowledge of SaaS, revenue cycle management, change management, business process engineering, restructuring and more. His rare combination of operational, financial and business development skills, and an established track record in M&A and improving operational and financial performance were some of the key features that led to his candidacy. LLoyd’s Jerry Angowitz notes, “Michael presented as someone who could get into the weeds in the morning, then lead a board discussion in the afternoon, all while using his insight and skills to strategize and engage with peers and lead an effective team.”

Michael Gelman

As President and COO of the Manhattan-based CareConnect, Mr. Gelman is charged with growing CareConnect into a dominant player in the industry. Gelman, a former Executive at SigmaCare (acquired by MatrixCare) will build up operations and develop strategic partnerships with leading Healthcare Agency Management and EMR software products.   He will report to the Chairman and CEO, and the Board of Directors, and be responsible for bringing forward-thinking, innovative solutions to the Home Care industry, currently valued at more than $99 billion in the U.S. alone. Mr. Gelman graduated with an MBA in Finance and Economics, Information and Communication Systems from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business and a B.S. in Accounting and Economics from Lehigh University.

CareConnect Founder Bert Brodsky continues, “The idea behind CareConnect was to put more power into the hands of caregivers by providing an automated tool to manage their talent profiles, availability, skills and regulatory compliance. From the time the agency gets a new client to the time it matches that client with a caregiver now takes seconds as opposed to the minutes and hours it used to take by calling, emailing and texting with caregivers. It’s a huge value for home care providers because they don’t have to pay for that time. Operational efficiencies equal cost efficiencies. The right person at the helm was critical to our company’s success, as well as for the growing needs of the industry.

Michael Gelman who was sourced and recruited by LLoyd for the CareConnect opportunity notes, I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience being placed by Jerry Angowitz and LLoyd Search.  My industry experience is pretty specific and Jerry’s team was able to find me early in the search process, assess my fit for the role and set up a process with the client that was efficient considering the breadth of responsibility of the role.  He provided invaluable transparency and guidance throughout the process, helping me make a decision that I couldn’t be happier about.” 

LLoyd Leadership Search is led by Jerry Angowitz, Managing Director This practice specializes in search and interim executive placement of leadership and executive level talent within the Finance, Accounting, People Operations/Human Resources functions and the Not-for-Profit and Technology industries. Angowitz and his team work with companies at all stages of the business life-cycle. He is the former Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration for RJR Nabisco, Inc. (a Fortune 60 company).  At RJRN, he reported to the Chairman and CEO, served on the Company’s Executive Committee, and chaired its Pension Investment Committee.   As a key advisor to the CEO and Board of Directors, Jerry teamed with top management on a wide range of human capital, strategic, operational, and organizational initiatives. His talent for hiring the right executive and his unique insight into corporate boardrooms allowed him to transition his skills into high level executive search.  He joined LLoyd in 2013 and has had a dramatic impact on expanding its Search resources and has built a long list of candidate success stories.



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