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Lloyd Adds MedComms as New Practice Area

Medical Communications encompasses a wide range of areas, including medical writing, medical education, scientific communications, account management and regulatory affairs. This unique community plays an important role within the healthcare industry informing other professionals and patients about the latest developments in research, product offerings and patient outcomes.  At Lloyd, we see a growing need for qualified talent within this sector and have launched a new practice area dedicated to supporting specialized medcomms agencies and/or pharmaceutical marketing teams whose campaigns help define brands and bring a new treatment to market- – as well as all other employers where MedComm plays a vital role.  The talent we provide are engaged in stimulating awareness and the procurement of new medical devices, drugs and treatments; their efforts are aimed at both buyers and stakeholders. Individuals in this field say it combines a blend of scientific expertise with a passion for communication.

A recent Research Report valued the worldwide MedComms industry at approximately $1.35 billion and it is expected that digital transformation will drive growth even further with an 18% year over year increase through 2025. Typically there are two distinct career trajectories for professionals in this field: editorial and account management. Our candidate pipeline within editorial includes talent with skills in promotional/medical education, medical publications, medical affairs, healthcare advertising/PR, sales training, CME, and managed markets. Account management professionals are focused on supporting editorial so that products are produced timely, on budget and follow rigorous compliance guidelines and regulations.

Lloyd newcomer, Charlie Seelinger, Senior Recruiter, will be spearheading this unique talent sector.  Charlie is an experienced recruiter with subject matter expertise specific to MedComm.  He has earned accolades and awards for his past recruitment efforts and is eager to bring this component of talent to the Lloyd ecosystem which already includes compatible divisions in Life Sciences, Healthcare and general MarComm.  Says Charlie, “I enjoy working with both clients and candidates and bringing together that ideal match where skills, cultural DNA and experience will have the most impact on a strong hire.”  Charlie says he was attracted to the Lloyd opportunity because there were existing multiple specialized divisions that closely aligned with his MarComms niche. “I’ve learned that a synergistic, wholistic approach to supporting a client’s workforce means a better understanding of their ideal candidate and who thrives in their environment as an optimum performer. My goal is to service clients with the best sourcing team in the MedComms space.”

A native Long Islander, Charlie found recruitment after some forays into Aerospace and Construction, but finally, MarComm talent really struck a note with him. “I like that the people I place into a position are often at the cutting edge. What they create… the content they produce… it educates, informs and ultimately leads people to solutions that can be life changing.”Lloyd has structured the MedComms practice to focus on four distinct areas of Talent:

  • Medical & Scientific Services
  • Creative
  • Account and Client Services
  • IT and Digital Solutions

Jason Banks. CSP, President, Lloyd notes, Charlie’s in depth, knowledge of the burgeoning MedComm space was critical to our decision to enter this area in a very targeted way.   We wanted to expand our Search community with someone who understood where MedComm was going and could identify and anticipate the kind of professionals and strategic talent that organizations need in this day and age to meet their visions as new therapies and medical devices are introduced. We saw with the pandemic, the challenge for effective messaging with patients, care teams, the media, the public and regulatory bodies. This division will enhance and help in our continued expansion of recruiting, staffing and talent centric resources inside the health and life science industries.   I am confident Charlie will help our client partners achieve their hiring goals.”

LLoyd welcomes all of our business partners to consider a meeting or a conversation with Charlie Seelinger if your organization or one of your business affiliates is seeking high impact MedComm talent. Connect with him on LinkedIn, or contact him directly:

Direct Phone:  631.370.7310 




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