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Working With A Recruiter – 10 Reasons for Taking the Call

Whether you are seeking new employment or are content in your current position, it is always worth your while to take a call from a Recruiter. Here are 10 Reasons Why…

2- Networking and Contacts – Good recruiters have a wealth of industry contacts. They will always know of a handful of employers hiring within your field. (If you don’t get the first position you are interviewed for, your recruiter will have other options in mind.)
3- Confidentiality is Essential – You have a discreet agent working on your behalf. Afterall, it’s not far-fetched to think your current employer could discover you are actively looking if they discover your resume or someone who could be you on a job site. This is the negative side to social media and job boards. A recruiter allows you to maintain anonymity.
4- Cash is King – A recruiter’s primary objective is to get you hired. Until that happens, they will work tirelessly educating, preparing, and coaching you through all aspects of the search process. Remember they don’t get paid until you get hired – and, they are paid by their client…the hiring company.
5- Your own Personal “Promoter” – The recruiter promotes your strengths and assets, as well as helps the client company’s hiring manager connect the dots between your work experience and the open job.
6- Increase Your Odds – You will be in a smaller pool of potential candidates when you work with a recruiter. You are now part of a pipeline of talent.
7- Free Career Advice – No-cost advantages are bountiful. They include, but are not limited to guidance, history on the company and the job you are interviewing for, detailed resume analysis, and suggestions on navigating the interview process.
A recruiter who stays in touch with you throughout your career is a valuable commodity for professional growth.
8- Practice, Practice, Practice – Interviews with a recruiter will give you a way to have a “mock” interview and steady yourself for the real thing, making your interview as positive as possible.
9- Salary Negotiations – A good recruiter will act as the 3rd party mediator, making sure an offer is of fair market value and will result in an acceptance. They can help structure a compensation package on your behalf.
10- A Friend for Life – Once you’ve established your relationship, in all likelihood you will have your own personal advocate at your disposal. Leverage this relationship to your advantage and also help the recruiter by making valuable referrals when appropriate.

A recruiter should be a key player in your professional network.
Use him or her to help you at every step of your career.


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