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Savagery is BACK: Get After It!

What Mike Tyson and Your Average Recruiter Have in Common: RESILIENCY

As you may or may not know, Mike Tyson is making a resurgence back into the boxing ring. The “World’s Most Dangerous Man” is set to take the stage versus Roy Jones Jr. in a bout that is sanctioned by the WBC on November 28th live on pay per view. As I ponder memories of my youth, I distinctly remember seeing “Iron Mike” go toe to toe with many fighters and leaving the majority on the canvas yearning for a different outcome. His fights were not only epic, but they were cultural events that will forever be timeless in history.

Common knowledge to all, Mike Tyson was a very troubled man, starting from a young age of gang related crime activity in the high crime area of Brownsville, Brooklyn to entering a reform school in upstate New York. His personal battles included the loss of his mother at a young age, substance abuse, rape charges, prison terms, loss of boxing credentials, depression, bankruptcy – and the list goes on. but here he is on top of his game. Now, in 2020 he is storming back into the ring at age 54 in the best shape of recent years looking to bring fury to his opponent. While the storyline is incredible, I cannot help but think that the daily challenges of a recruiter require just as much tenacity as one Mike Tyson.

Let us be realistic, while Tyson needs to have a tough jaw in order to not let his opponent get the better of him, a recruiter must have tough skin in order to remain in the game. The constant “NO” headhunters face will undoubtably make or break someone’s success in this business. We hear it so often that if one can withstand the constant turndown eventually it will lead to a “YES.” The ability to not get offended or upset by the letdown is what makes a great recruiter. We must navigate our days with a positive outlook and maintain that demeanor by thickening or toughening our skin to have long term success in this field. If the flood of no’s creep past that layer of protection, then we are in for a rough day which could turn to a bad month, quarter, or even year. So, like the toughness of a fighter, a Recruiter must possess his or her ability to push through the sea of doubt to find the wave of triumph.

The adversity a recruiter faces may not be on the same dynamic scale of Tyson’s, but it is plentiful. Whether it be a talent shortage in the market when the economy is booming or perhaps the opposite as we are now seeing an influx of abundant talent, yet job orders are harder to obtain. What about hiring managers or candidates delaying the process which inevitably could lead to the loss of job order or engaged candidate? Moreover, today’s sales/recruiting tactics have changed drastically over the last 8 months, adversely forcing recruiters to come up with new strategies to streamline the process as many in-person meetings are not as accessible as they once were. Nonetheless, through all the hardships/adversities, we recruiters remain diligent and focused and navigate a path to success. Just as Iron Mike is doing now, having bounced back into the main scene, and promoting what it takes to face so many tragedies and turn them into prosperities – just as recruiters do.

Everyone fights to win, whether it be in the boxing ring, in the journey of life, or over the course of our careers; this remains a constant. This is a story of redemption that proves Mike Tyson and a recruiter’s path is no different. We are constantly looking to improve, adopt new methods, or gain an edge by knocking out our competitor. We attempt to overcome yesterday’s defeats, and take on the day with a new form of gratitude… all things encompassed in Tyson’s return to the ring.

During a recent press conference, Mike stated, “I have a mindset of total bliss” and we as recruiters, need to have the same in order to escape the diluted mentality of constant negatives and thrive in our passions to overcome any/all negativity.

So be a Savage, have that burning desire to win
and let us get after it with the
FURY of the “Annihilating One” Mike Tyson.

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Mike Munyon is a Client Success Manager for  LLoyd Accounting & Finance. He is is a Staffing and Employment Expert who has built career in the recruitment and search industry placing all levels of Accounting, Analytical, Finance professionals in a wide range of industries across Long Island, Queens and NYC. He also handles contract engagements and searches for full time hires.
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