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Creating a Recruitment Strategy

By Katie Lamberti, Client Success Manager, LLoyd Healthcare

Whenever I get an inquiry from a prospective client company interested in using my skills to assist with a talent opening, I’m always a bit surprised when I ask them what their current recruitment strategy has been and then there is dead air.  I’m not trying to stump you or be difficult, but I’m curious about how you have gone about your own search thus far.

Technology has made it very easy to publish job postings on a board to a wide audience. Most small to medium size companies needing to hire usually do just that and then hope for the best. That is not effective recruitment strategy.  To really connect with qualified candidates and drive excitement about the role in your company you must have a plan and find a way to stand out from other companies. At the very least, you need to convey some important things to me about your organization, the position, the work environment and the overall company culture.  You need to craft your “employment brand.”

To help you captivate job seekers, there also needs to be a memorable first impression of your company. After speaking with you about your opening, I will do what most job seekers will do after they read your post – I’ll go on social media and see how you look to the world.  Do you have a presence on sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram?  What kinds of things are posted?  Are there photos of employees who look happy?  Have you read Google reviews about your firm – not just about working there, but what are people saying about your product and services too?  Workers want to take pride in their employers as providing something of value.  What’s your reputation in the marketplace?  What are people saying on employer review sites like Glassdoor and new sites like Blind, which is an anonymous network with millions of verified employees discussing their employers on topics ranging from pay to return-to-work policies.

If your firm has a social conscious that’s important for job seekers to know.  Apart from your product or service, are you putting good out into the world through community outreach or partnerships with various causes. Are you effectively telling your story NOT just sharing the job description of the opening, but why people want to work there?  Benefits…camaraderie…events…flexibility for parents…pet friendly workplace – anything that’s unique to you.  When you share this information with me, I then can help tell your firm’s story as I identify, source and recruit talent who are a good fit.

I am often telling my clients it is a really important recruitment strategy to treat interviews the same way you would treat your customers.  A first impression is critical.  It is important to make them feel like you’re just as excited about getting to know them as they are about being considered for the role.  Whether it be a Zoom interview or one done in-person, establishing rapport with a friendly smile, and not keeping someone waiting or being distracted before or during the interview – all important.  Yes, you are a busy person, but never lose sight of your hiring goal and making that individual want to be part of your team because they liked what they saw, heard and how you made them feel.

Sometimes I ask my client if I may speak with one or two of their most successful hires.  I like to see if I can identify traits that make those people winners in the eyes of their employer.  I also like to hear how employees describe their work culture and the position. That’s part of my discovery process and it is essential to a good hiring strategy. Many small to medium size companies might try this exercise themselves – sometimes it is important to hear things from the inside out.

Although I don’t want to give away business, I do think organizations under-value the power of referrals.  It is important for organizations to tap into their own talent pool to access prospective hires.  A referral program is a smart component to any recruitment strategy. Great people know great people.  You may not need to look too far to hire.  Implementing and incentivizing an employee referral program can encourage even more of your employees to refer the best talent they know.  Providing rewards or bonuses can create some excitement around the program fueling your pipeline.

Lastly, I work closely with my client to determine if the job description they are providing to me is accurate. We review the “must haves” for the role versus the “nice to have” requirements.  Too often candidates are weeded out by applicant tracking systems or even junior gatekeepers if their resumes don’t have the exact keywords, years of experience or right degree.  AI is a great tool, but never fail to remember you are hiring people. Empathy, insight and gut intuition are incredibly useful to help you hone your recruitment strategy; technology is part of the toolbox, but can’t replace the human factor.

Have a healthcare opening I can help with?  Let’s discuss the challenges you’ve been up against and build a recruitment strategy together. 

About the Author


Katie Lamberti is an experienced Healthcare Recruiter specializing in Medical Assistants, Medical Admin, Pharmacy, Patient Care and other related titles. A member of the Healthcare team since June 2020, Katie is based at Lloyd’s Melville headquarters where she handles contract and direct hire talent.  She is a graduate of LIU with a degree in Business Management.  She may be reached at whether you are seeking to fill a role or looking to make a career change.



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