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Never Believe That a Few Caring People, Can Not Change the World – Margaret Mead


Melissa Matos, CSP, VP

Lloyd’s Healthcare Talent team has been going non-stop since well before the pandemic started in 2020.   “We were busy before Covid, first with supporting people to administer the vaccine, then the boosters and now addressing the mindset and needs of healthcare professionals who’ve put in a grueling two years of work and are re-evaluating their careers” says Melissa Matos, CSP, Vice President of Lloyd Healthcare. It’s an industry undergoing transition – probably more so than other professions.  The workforce is experiencing some burnout and that leads to turnover which creates vacancies” continues Matos, “I’ve read 30% of healthcare workers are considering leaving their jobs and we also know labor experts predict a talent shortfall of 3.2 million by 2026 – much of it due to retirement and the lack of millennials entering the field. For sure our clients are facing challenges and we have partnered with many of them to address their openings and the sheer volume of hires. It’s a busy time, but also very satisfying when you know the people we have put into the workforce are providing quality patient care and are contributing to a world of wellness.”  Matos, a 20-year veteran of Lloyd and even longer in recruitment, was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York, but headed down south over two decades ago. Her bilingual fluency has been an asset to positions where a second language is critical to the regional culture and business demands.

Matos and her team have been unwilling to take a wait-and-see-what-happens approach to the healthcare talent dilemma, instead they have been launching an aggressive strategy to build talent pipelines for contract health professionals for skills such as Medical Assistants, Billers, Insurance, Allied Health Technicians and Practice Management.  The focus is on both allied health and administrative operations and Matos and her staff are often filling up to 60 shifts per week with multiple workers at a mix of healthcare systems, large facilities, private practices and specialty organizations.  They have streamlined both the application and onboarding processes and have put a new focus on engaging contractors and touchpoints in their journeys. Benefit programs were expanded and pay rates are highly competitive.

The Lloyd Healthcare Team largely works the eastern corridor of the U.S. with recruitment partnerships centered in the NY Metro Region (many in and around the Long Island corporate headquarters) and near the Lloyd South hub based in Boca Raton, Florida – taking in a large portion of the South Florida healthcare scene.



L to R: Merrill Banks, CSP, Founder of Lloyd with Robert Collier and Antonio Gismundi, Talent Associates

Members of the Healthcare team include a duo of young Dads, one in the North, one in the South, each working a blend of hybrid work arrangements to meet their work/life balance needs.  Antonio Gismundi (right), a NY Talent Associate has an eclectic background of healthcare recruitment experiences and working previously as both an expeditor in construction and an academic support professional in a special education setting.  He has a unique focus and edge to make things happen quickly and efficiently. His southern based counterpart, Talent Associate, Robert Collier (left), is a Long Island transplant, newer to healthcare, but fully accustomed to getting things done as he was an entrepreneur running his own business before he joined Lloyd.  The two men represent a new breed of recruiter highly active in social platforms and building micro-talent communities and going outside the box to make referrals and connections.



Katie Lamberti (left) is a Client Success manager who had a background of healthcare administration and recruitment before joining Lloyd.  Lamberti has a passion for culture fit with every candidate she works  with to ensure that both employer and talent are a good match.  One of her recent blogs, featured on the Lloyd website shares her ideas on crafting an “employment brand” to attract talent and the need to treat candidates like customers.  Lamberti writes, Sometimes I ask my client if I may speak with one or two of their most successful hires.  I like to see if I can identify traits that make those people winners in the eyes of their employer.  I also like to hear how employees describe their work culture and the position. That’s part of my discovery process and it is essential to a good hiring strategy.”

L to R: Katie Lamberti, Client Success Manager and Jacqueline Porter, Staffing Manager

Staffing Manager, Jacqueline (Jackie) Porter, (right) is a seasoned recruiter who has tackled all areas of talent, but has a powerful foothold in healthcare recruitment, case management and customer relations.  She also knows the field from the inside out having earned NYS Certification as a Nursing Assistant.  She says she is strong in analytics and adept at multi-tasking.  Porter has developed candidate pipelines consistent with the diversity/inclusion missions of her clients and uses hashtags like #resiliency and #leadingpositivechange as part of her personal vision.

These two Lloydsters have similar approaches to the marketplace, as evident in another Lamberti blog, this one on Resiliency and why that’s a highly desirable trait for any candidateIt’s what powers us to develop a positive approach to life and makes it possible to stay motivated in times of adversity, especially when it comes to solving problems in the workplace” writes Lamberti.



Laura Tavarez, Staffing Manager

Staffing Manager, Laura Tavarez, another relocated Northerner moved out of a direct healthcare environment to put her full focus on recruitment.  She is a former Patient Representative at Mount Sinai, as well as a Front Office/Surgical Coordinator, an Executive Assistant to Division Chiefs and an Assistant to Director of Operations at well-known names in medicine such as NYU Langone, NY Presbyterian, Beth Israel and more. She knows the ins and outs of specialty areas ranging from Pulmonary, Critical Care, Orthopedics, Neurophysiology, Emergency and a wealth of others.  Tavarez is bilingual Spanish with an undergraduate degree in Health Services Administration and a Master’s in Organizational Management.  She is proof that hands-on knowledge is an asset having recently filled eight critical contract openings in a single week with billers, compliance/credentialing specialists and medical records.



Lloyd traces company roots back to 1971 when it was founded as Lloyd Personnel, placing talent at some of the leading technology firms and most innovative companies in the U.S. at that time.

In 1994 Lloyd launched a Lloyd office in South Florida and eventually established a strong southern hub by 1996 in Plantation, Florida.  It has become well known in South Florida with a strong and robust talent pipeline that extends from Palm Beach County to Miami-Dade, with a heavy concentration in Broward County, before moving to Boca Raton in 2021.

One of the reasons Lloyd launched a Healthcare niche in Florida was because it had established itself as a premier provider of healthcare talent in the Long Island, New York headquarters market.  Lloyd leadership understood the healthcare community’s desire to serve patients who divide their time between New York and Florida by offering quality, patient centric care with a continued high level of service excellence.



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