About LLoyd

Investing in people is the best investment an organization can make.

The right talent ultimately determines if an organization succeeds or fails.

At LLoyd, we are not just agents of talent, but agents of change.
Workforce innovations, new technology, different skills all create a need for a reliable resource with expertise in talent acquisition and placement. That’s what LLoyd is all about. We advise and guide job candidates through impactful career moves and we help employers build agile and effective workforces that will serve them well through all economies and business challenges.

LLoyd’s broad talent portfolio addresses how companies utilize talent and the varying types of talent they need by industry, skill set and level of engagement. Our Services and Solutions summarizes how we address your workforce challenges.

LLoyd’s Commitment

Contingent Associates and Candidates

You will always receive prompt, courteous, professional service. We will be truthful and honest concerning the job search, being mindful of your valued time and career goals.


LLoyd will always maintain the highest business ethics in every interaction. We will strive to fulfill your professional needs by supporting your workforce strategy with efficiency, vision and the highest quality of talent.

Our Employees

We are committed to your success and professional development. We will offer you a safe and dynamic work environment, providing training, mentoring and technology to reach our mutual goals.

Our Community

LLoyd will do our best to give back to the community through programs and activities dedicated to corporate social responsibility and volunteerism.

Diversity and Inclusion at LLoyd

LLoyd’s mission is to help organizations, recruit, hire and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce at all levels, for all skills and all populations of talent.

In helping our client companies carry out their D&I initiatives, it is essential that these same values are embedded into the LLoyd company culture.  We do this by recognizing and celebrating diverse populations including women, veterans, workers with disabilities, LGBTQ, differences in age, ethnicity, race, backgrounds and diverse life/workstyles. 

LLoyd’s goal is to make both our internal and contract employees comfortable so that they feel free to bring their authentic selves to work.  By fostering a culture of respect where we celebrate diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we will continue to build a collaborative, higher performing team where communication, cooperation and innovation thrives and moves our company forward.  Join us.