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Do You Hire Freelance Marketing, Digital or Creative Talent?
Read This Now to Clarify Any Misconceptions about Working With a Staffing Firm

The rise of our current gig economy has meant that more and more people embrace a flexible work style. While the creative industry has always worked with freelancers or outsourced projects, there is a general misunderstanding among small business and agency owners when it comes to how using a creative temporary associate from a staffing firm may be a better way to manage your team and your time.

Did you know that staffing firms assume all the “burdens of employment” such as workers’ compensation, payroll taxes as well as unemployment liability and insurance? When you hire through a staffing firm, we make it easier to concentrate on growing your business and not worry about Labor Laws or the laws impacting the definition of an independent contractor. We are the employer of record and fully assume all employment liabilities and issue all paychecks.

I’m a a former business owner of a design firm turned recruiter. For the last 20+ years, I have served as the Executive Director of LLoyd Creative, placing marketing, digital and creative talent into companies of all sizes and types.  I have seen both sides of the desk. I think many small businesses are unaware of the advantages of using temporary talent procured from a staffing agency – too often thinking it may be costly or cumbersome. The reality is that there are many benefits to establishing a relationship with a staffing firm that understands your creative perspective, your company culture, specific skill needs and your deadline and project constraints. Best of all, many talented traditional and digital creatives have partnered up with staffing firms as a reliable source of work rather than seek out projects on their own.  They like having a staffing firm represent them so they can concentrate on their creative pursuits instead of pursuing new business themselves.


  • Find immediate talent for individuals on family or maternity leaves, vacations, sabbaticals or other planned or unplanned absences.
  • Access on-site local talent or choose to have them work remote for a project.
  • You can staff up or down depending on work schedule demands. The presence of a creative temp can help keep your regular team productive, but not overworked.
  • Tap into specific expertise in an area that you don’t need all the time – a software, certain content, technical subject matter expertise and you can do this for a day, a month or anywhere in between, or even longer. In our firm, we do skill assessments for software proficiency and carefully review portfolios and past projects.
  • Try out a prospective employee in a temp-to-hire situation – see their work and how they fit in before making a more permanent hiring commitment.
  • Build your business with confidence, knowing you have a firm that understands your needs and can help find talent in a snap for upcoming new projects, new clients.
  • Temporary associates are fully interviewed, reference checked and we offer background and drug screenings if required.
  • The payroll burden is on the staffing firm which provides a weekly paycheck to the temporary associate and generates an invoice to you.  The staffing firm handles all the costs of employment including taxes unemployment, disability and workers comp insurance and all individuals are bonded and fully guaranteed.
  • Temporary associates at our firm have the option of participating in health, dental and vision benefits, as well as a 401K plan; they receive a loyalty bonus and other reward programs for consumer discounts.

The process is easy. You supply your job details, we agree upon an hourly rate, source qualified candidates, submit them for your review to schedule interviews and you bring them in on a temporary basis for however long you need. Helping you save time and money by hiring a temporary associate or placing an associate that you eventually may want to convert to your payroll as a full-time employee is what we do every day. You can end their assignment anytime and request another associate if necessary.

So next time you need to hire talent for a freelance role, consider the benefits of working with a company like ours. Here at LLoyd Creative, we know the Creative industry and offer a wide range of solutions and an available talent pool. We can help your business grow by sourcing the right talent for you – and the right people make all the difference.  By hiring temporary staff, you concentrate on your business without putting it at risk through the wrong hire or failing to comply with current labor laws.

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