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Video Interview Tips from a Working Remote Mom/Recruiter

Each day I’m responsible for helping qualified candidates find the right employment opportunity. In these days of Covid19, video interviews have become the norm. However, when your office space is the kitchen table and your co-workers are 6 and 8 years old some things may be out of your control. Fear not, as there are many elements that you can control. Let’s talk a little about what you can do to ensure you ace your video interview.

Strong Internet Connection – if you’re using wireless, ensure that you have a strong, reliable wireless signal. Because we’re talking about video, the best option, if available is a hard-wired connection.

Use Proven Video Conference Tool such as Zoom, Teams, Webex – Understand the video conferencing platform your interviewer will be using and have it installed and tested for both video and audio prior to your interview.


Lighting and Space – Make sure you’re in a well-lit area with lighting in front so you don’t create a silhouette. Do a camera test prior to the call to ensure you are the focus of whats in the frame.

Attire – You may be at home, but you’re dressing for work and the role as if it were in the office. Be mindful when selecting your outfit.

Cell Phone Silent – Just as you would in any other interview, make sure you silence your cell phone or any other devices so as not to be interrupted unnecessarily.

Do Your Homework – Research the company, job details and who you’ll be interviewing with. This is now more important than ever as clients want to know that you’re serious about the position and have done your homework.

Take Notes – Be prepared to take notes during your interview and have some questions ready for the end of the interview.

Eye Contact – Even though you’re on video, it’s still imperative to maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Remember to look into the camera and disable your self-view so as not to be distracted.

It’s not always easy interviewing remotely, especially with the added distractions, but candor, likeability, enthusiasm and preparation go a long way. Be well and be safe and Happy Mother’s Day to the fellow moms out there.

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About the Author:
Sharon Nocella, CSP, TSC is an experienced Operations Manager and Recruiter who is passionate about client and candidate customer service.  She has a demonstrated history of working in the IT, software, staffing, recruiting and legal industries. She is a dedicated professional skilled in Operational Management, Technical Recruiting, Staffing Services, Internet Recruiting, IT Staffing and Augmentation, Project Rollouts and Training. Sharon welcomes connecting with IT professionals seeking interesting and challenging work engagements and is always happy to speak with employers looking for quality technology talent to augment and enhance their workforces.

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