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The Internship Experience

School is over for the college crowd and that means summer interns are now on the job.

Here at LLoyd, we have an active internship program in several areas:  Recruitment, Marketing/Social Media and General Business and we are always on the watch for interns throughout the school year.    Barbara Cohen Farber, Executive Director of LLoyd Administrative Support & HR Talent places all levels of corporate support talent, but especially new grads at this time of the year, “Those who have maximized their internship experience and have used it to truly gain new skills and a better understanding of their field of study, will ultimately interview with a different confidence and knowledge than those students who went through an internship experience just because they thought it was expected of them. The student has as much control over the experience as the employer does.”

So if you are currently interning or are about to start, how can you maximize the next 8 to 10 weeks?

10 Tips to help guide new interns as they test the corporate waters

  1. Play by the rules. Do the right thing such as clocking in on time, adhering to breaks, limiting cell phone use and so on.
  2. Make notes about your daily projects so you can incorporate them into your next-gen resume.
  3. Ask questions if you don’t understand. Don’t just say okay and then panic at your desk. It is better to know what is expected of you – so speak up. Questions show you are paying attention and care about your performance.
  4. Speak to everyone – build your connections and business network outside your immediate department.
  5. Track your accomplishments to build into your LinkedIn profile.
  6. Observe team dynamics and corporate culture.
  7. This isn’t just about work tasks – also assess how you are fitting in – are you adapting well to the environment? Do you work well with others?
  8. Use down time to your advantage – review the company intranet, website, read press releases so you get the big picture.
  9. Consider colleagues as possible mentors – is there someone there who might be able to coach you as you move forward in your career? Align your self with this individual and build a relationship.
  10. Ask for a LinkedIn recommendation at the internship’s conclusion.
Lauren Whiteman gains academic credit as an intern for her degree at SUNY Geneseo.

For summer 2018, LLoyd has one new intern on board and two returning interns functioning as summer associates.

New to the table is Lauren Whiteman, 20, a senior at SUNY Geneseo, who is pursuing a BS in Business Administration with a Marketing minor and is scheduled to earn her degree in May, 2019.  As an intern in LLoyd’s Marketing department, she is busy handling social media initiatives including creating video posts and branding LLoyd’s recruitment efforts.   When she interviewed for this internship Lauren told us her goals – I want to take part in hands-on marketing projects, working and collaborating with other staff members, and seeing how the company itself works. I feel it will be very beneficial to understand and experience what this type of position entails on a day-to-day basis.”

Intern Déjà vu

LLoyd also has two summer associates who are back for repeat performances and we are happy to have them!

Lauren King, 20, a senior also at SUNY Geneseo, has previously worked for LLoyd over school breaks and summers and this is her fourth summer with us. Lauren is an Early Childhood/Childhood Education major with a concentration in Human Development. She has “floated” throughout corporate headquarters in Melville, NY, handling a wide range of duties wherever she is needed in Accounting, Marketing, Customer Service and Human Resources.
Lauren’s roles have truly enabled her to wear the “many hats” frequently listed in job postings.  Lauren tell us “Working at LLoyd has been a great experience.  It has provided me with insight into many different aspects of corporate America and given me the opportunity to work in a wide range of professional areas.  My advice to future interns is to be open minded and to absorb as much information as you can because there is much to be shared among your colleagues in a way that is very different than in any classroom.”

Lauren and Kyle enjoy the view from the  “good” seats in LLoyd’s corporate bleachers which were originally part of the old Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets.

Kyle Banks 20, is a junior at Pace University in New York City, studying communications and interior design. This is his second summer at LLoyd HQs and he is currently handling responsibilities such as email campaigns and outreach to former candidates and web site visitors. Last year he helped launch LLoyd’s Instagram channel, actively worked a number of job fairs and he has participated in multiple social responsibility functions on behalf of LLoyd including the JDRF OneWalk, part of the LLoyd Placements with a Purpose program.  Says Kyle, “Working at LLoyd has given me valuable professional experience.  LLoyd is our family business, but I’m seeing it now from the inside – from the ground up.  It has given me a different perspective and given me a great appreciation for what has been grown over the past 47 years.”

If you or a student you know is interested in a LLoyd internship for Fall 2018, please email your resume to



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