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Taking Temp to the Next Level

Temporary employment can be quite an adventure. From the moment a LLoyd Staffing Specialist calls with your first assignment, the doors are wide open to try your hand and develop your skills at a variety of employers. For students, new grads, and boomers who desire flexibility in their schedule, to professionals seeking a career change – temporary work is ideal for trying out a position, field or company, before making a “permanent” commitment.

For the employer, the same theory applies. By utilizing companies that provide temporary associates such as LLoyd, they’re able to test the quality of a potential full-time staff member. According to the American Staffing Association, companies that utilize temporary talent convert an average of 18% of those positions to full time employees. If your goal is to be hired for a full-time position, there are some things you can do to make this vision a reality.

Every three months, LLoyd leadership decides which temporary associates to feature in the quarterly newsletter as exemplary employees. These are individuals that LLoyd and our client companies value and recognize as outstanding associates who demonstrate enthusiasm, flexibility, a high level of performance and a positive work ethic when they represent LLoyd in the workforce. Barbara Cohen Farber, Executive Director of LLoyd Administrative Staffing says, “When you are trying to turn your temporary position into a full time opportunity, think of each day as an interview. Always look professional and come in each morning with a fresh outlook, as well as a positive attitude. Be willing to go above and beyond.”

Dress professionally. Some associates tell us they feel like the nomads of the workforce. So, it’s not uncommon for temporary associates to under-dress when feeling disassociated with a client company – saving their better business clothes for when they get hired full-time. Go ahead and break this wardrobe stereotype and it will reflect positively on your professionalism in the eyes of your new prospective employer. If you want the position, dressing for the part is a great place to start.

The highest praised associates are those who are deemed flexible. Think of yourself as much more than the job description of your assignment. Making yourself available for special projects and new assignments outside of your job title is a sure way to ensure that you’re recognized as a valuable asset by LLoyd and the client company. When possible, learn new skills on the job such as a new software package or increase your level of proficiency. You can also ask your LLoyd Specialist about computer tutorials available to you at no charge which you can take at your convenience from any web-based computer. On an assignment, immersing yourself in different projects may give you access to new people that you wouldn’t have interacted with otherwise. These are great connections to use for networking purposes and future references. Ask for someone’s business card so you know correct names and titles. Always introduce yourself and shake hands on introduction to executives in the organization.

Make yourself known! Don’t be shy when it comes to working with others on your assignments. Each new employee and supervisor that you have the chance to interact with is another potential step toward full-time hire. Companies are much more likely to hire people who they already feel comfortable with. Your chances of becoming a regular employee are greatly increased by showing that you’re a good fit for their corporate culture.

Be honest with your intentions. When you feel the desire to pursue permanent work, let us know! Communicating regularly with your LLoyd Specialist is the most effective way to transition from temp-to-hire. If you would like to enhance your skills before applying for a job, LLoyd has over 900 online tests and resources to help you develop the talent that a client may be looking for. We regularly receive “temp-to-hire” talent requisitions that you may be qualified for, so letting LLoyd know that this is your goal is a good way to secure one of those assignments and ultimately, be considered for hire. If you have a good rapport with the Client Manager where you are assigned, pick a good time to say something like, “I really enjoy working here. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of getting hired full-time?” It’s long been known in the hiring world, that temporary employment gives you exposure to the “hidden job market.” These are positions that often go unadvertised and are known only to those on the inside as being available. Even if your particular position is not a likely temp-to-hire spot, your Manager may be able to steer you toward other opportunities at the company.

If you are offered a job while on assignment, make sure to let your LLoyd Staffing Specialist know. This is mandated on the LLoyd timesheet so that LLoyd can properly convert your employee records and transition your employment to our client according to the Agreement we have with your new employer.

If you are using temping as a means to job search, that is a perfectly acceptable path many people take. Remember, that each day of your assignment is an audition. To land the part, you should dress to impress, make yourself available, work the room, and remember that you have LLoyd in your corner.

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