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Manage Your Time, or it Will Manage You

By Melissa Matos, CSP, Vice President Operations

Recently, actor Tom Hanks offered this piece of advice when receiving his Golden Globe’s Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in film saluting his body of work. Said Hanks, “Show up on time, know the text, and have a head full of ideas.”  Hanks’ words are what prompted me to write this blog because I often wonder how to point out time management without sounding condescending. Tom said it loud and clear and credited the person who first said it to him as a one of the reasons for his success.

Knowing what you have to get done and how to get it all done are two very different things. People procrastinate, leave it for the next day or often ponder what’s more important by trying to juggle priorities. However, if you plan your day, week and/or month, you will most likely not have to choose.

I personally believe the term “work/Life balance” is an excuse. That’s because I think you can have it all with a little planning. Put everything on your calendar (both work and personal). Don’t book an early morning work meeting if you have an early morning teacher’s conference and still have to make and pack lunches. Don’t miss a family dinner because you still have things to do at the office. Don’t miss an important meeting at work because you didn’t put it on your calendar and booked a wellness checkup instead.

Technology affords us the luxury of working from ANYWHERE and checking our calendar on the spot. Take advantage!

  • Read emails while drinking your morning coffee
  • Check the traffic/weather report to plan your commute (helps most days).
  • Arrive a few minutes early – give yourself time to get coffee, catch up with a co-worker etc.
  • Make personal appointments early morning or late afternoon.
  • Finish your work day (if you must) after you’ve had dinner or attended the soccer game/teacher conference etc. Always check your calendar for availability!

The most important thing to remember is your family comes first, but some of us rely on our income to provide for our family. So when we miss an event because of a work obligation, remember you really are thinking of your family first.

We can do it all!
As a mom, wife and full time employee I don’t recall ever missing an important event at home or work due to poor planning.

Baseball great Yogi Berra might have said it best, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else” – and that my friends, is exactly what happens when you mismanage your time.


About the Author
Melissa Matos, CSP, has been a staffing and recruitment professional for more than 20 years. She has supported countless job candidates with career advice and job placement and has provided talent solutions to corporate employers throughout South Florida. As VP of Operations for LLoyd’s southern hub, Melissa oversees candidate/client engagement and customer satisfaction. An exceptional planner, Melissa is known for her strong organizational skills; she welcomes the chance to schedule a meeting with you!

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