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LLoyd Names Jennifer Tripodi as Client Success Director for LLoyd Healthcare

Jennifer Tripodi’s ability to sell and relate to people goes way back.

As a kid she had a love for running lemonade stands and connecting with people, so it wasn’t a big surprise when she launched her first business early in her career, a UPS store in Richmond, Virginia that soon became the #1 UPS store in the state of Virginia.   From there she became a double business owner opening a Bellini and Teen Furniture store – a need she saw and developed when she had her first child and wasn’t satisfied with the decor options available to her in her marketplace. Both businesses continued to thrive until she sold them fifteen years later and moved back to her native Long Island (NY) in 2010.

Tripodi, a single Mother of three, ages 10 to 16, didn’t wait long to open another venture – a candy business that offered custom candy buffets for parties and special events – again, another success story. Her eventual move into corporate sales six years later was prompted by a desire to be surrounded by an “office family” and to live a different kind of lifestyle than that of an independent business owner. She soon landed a job within the healthcare sector at an organization specializing in medial billing services for private practices. “I loved it right away” she says, “and being on the road to clients was different than being tied inside to a business all day long. Selling and building positive client relations is something I enjoy and know, so the setting was different, but the skill set was the same.”

“Service and Response are Two Areas I’ve Always Focused On…”


Her next move into recruitment and search was a natural segue considering all the people she had hired and inspired through the years. Now at LLoyd Healthcare, she is a Client Success Director, charged with reaching out to existing clients and helping new ones understand the variety of talent solutions offered by LLoyd. “People are any organization’s most important asset, I want to work with clients where I understand their particular culture and needs and provide a talent pipeline to keep pace with their workplace demands.” Tripodi points out that employment in healthcare is a growing trend based on patients living longer coupled with advances in medical technology and new developments in pharmaceuticals. “There is a tremendous need for qualified professionals in a wide range of areas and job titles – that’s exciting to me. The industry keeps changing.”

LLoyd Healthcare, one of the Talent Communities of LLoyd Staffing, is happy to have Tripodi on board and will be introducing her to hospital clients, practice groups, outpatient and urgent care facilities, and all those ancillary services related to healthcare such as medical billing and insurance companies. “Service and response are two areas I’ve always focused on,” says Tripodi. “I liked when I learned that one of LLoyd’s core values was to deliver service that exceeds expectations – that’s something I know and have made my own personal mission at each juncture of my career.”

LLoyd Healthcare encompasses searches for full time talent, as well as tempoary and flexible staffing for a wide range of healthcare shifts. Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.14.20 PM
The talent pipeline ranges from physicians, to RN’s to therapy professionals and assorted techs, as well as all the skills related to patient care, records and technology. LLoyd is a winner of the Best of Staffing Awards for Talent and Client Satisfaction which is designated by a net promoter score 8x the industry average. LLoyd also partners with an award winning web-based vendor management platform that specializes in end-to-end talent procurement solutions for small to large scale healthcare organizations.

Connect with Jennifer Tripodi on LinkedIn; email her at or call her at 631.370.7339.

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