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LLoyd Creative Adds Marketing Strategist to Assist Clients with Creative, Digital and Marketing Talent


Who better to recruit and refer creative talent than someone who has been providing consultative services to the creative community for years? Massapequa native, Christine Lopez, is known on Long Island as a Digital Strategist; she has also been a contracted Director of Marketing for well known regional brands including Zorn’s of Bethpage, the Long Beach International Film Festival and she brought the Sketchers GOWalk wearable fitness device to market at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013. She has indeed walked in the shoes of the clients she now serves.

When Christine first graduated with her MBA from Dowling in 1996 she had been working at Computer Associates (before they became “CA”) as a Contracts Administrator and later, Supervisor. As she took in the scope and potential of her surroundings she soon decided she wanted a shot at sales and wrote a business plan that she independently presented to the Northeast Regional VP and got the job.   Within a short time, she was named Rookie of the Year and worked as a Sales Executive where she honed her client relationship and negotiating skills selling Enterprise Management Software and later even more sophisticated and complex software integration solutions to Fortune 500 clients such as Colgate Palmolive, Pitney Bowes and Montiefore Medical Center. She loved the challenge and she loved closing multi-million dollar deals.

Deciding she didn’t want to be limited by the world of technology, Christine eventually took a professional leave and explored some trending new areas such as image consulting – serving as an assistant to Dominque Isbecque who founded the Image Resource Center to guide individuals and corporations in perception management. Another trending area that caught Christine’s interest was Search Engine Optimization which had a big year in 2005 when Google debuted personalized search using an individual’s search and browsing history to make results more relevant. With the launch of Google Analytics in November 2006, a new way to measure traffic and campaign ROI was born and Christine was on the cusp of this new Web frontier. She immersed herself in SEO knowledge and usage and became known as a subject matter expert presenting the importance of social networks for business, and educating companies on SEO, PPC and overall social media strategy. Ad agencies that were embracing digital services tapped into her knowledge base and one of her clients, BigBuzz Marketing Group, eventually hired her as their Vice President of Client Services.

Christine was at BigBuzz for two successful years until she went out on maternity leave and when she re-entered the workforce, she did so once again as an Entrepreneur running her own business and doing consulting and management of big creative projects from beginning to end ­– including the production and talent aspects. One day, a friend who is a Recruiter in the Life Science space told her she had the right skills, personality and mindset to consider a recruiting career and soon after an opportunity here atLLoyd presented itself and Christine said why not? She already understood all the pieces of project management and had a strong creative pipeline and resources. As LLoyd’s Client Success Director for the Creative Talent community she describes herself a conduit for creative talent.  Says Christine, “When I uncover an amazing candidate, I’m excited about the prospect of introducing him or her to a client company where the individual’s skill set can bring new dimension and growth to the organization’s bottom line.”  

LLoyd Creative has been catering to the region’s creative community for more than two decades. digitalThis specialized division of the LLoyd organization selectively engages talent and companies for both traditional and new media environments. The focus is on five core areas for both full time hires and interim engagements:

  • Social/Mobile
  • Copy/Content
  • Analytics/SEO/SEM
  • UI/UX/IA/Design
  • Front End Development

“Christine Lopez has a solid grasp of what a creative client needs to get the job done, what a creative professional desires to inspire their inner artist, and how to bring the client and talent together for a great collaborative partnership. We know she will be an extraordinary asset to LLoyd Creative and our company overall.”

LLoyd’s President Keith Banks, CSP

To tap into Christine’s pipeline and comprehensive network, email her or connect on LinkedIn.

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