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LLoyd Announces 2017 Associates of the Year

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As 2017 draws to a close, we want to thank all of our Associates for their commitment to being LLoydEmployed. Your efforts at are client companies have helped to establish LLoyd’s high level of service excellence. We want to highlight LLoyd’s Three “Associates of the Year” who were selected by their Talent Community based on work ethic, performance and client feedback. These are individuals who worked for us in a temporary or consulting capacity during the 2017 calendar year.

Temporary positions cross all industry sectors and professions, and the majority are actually full-time. These jobs also can lead to permanent work, according to the American Staffing Association (ASA). In fact, permanent employment is a top motivation for choosing temporary work, and one in five Associates cite scheduling flexibility as a key reason for choosing to temp or do consulting work, according to the ASA Staffing Employee Survey.

Here are some LLoyd Staffing metrics for LLOYD’S temporary workforce:

  • 49% of new associates are referrals
  • More than 1,000 associates have been “LLoydEmployed” 2 years or longer
  • 26% of our assignments transition temp-to-hire
  • Over 15% of assignments are extended due to superior associate performance

Three Associates are chosen annually for these Talent Communities:  NY/LI Metro, IT/National and FL/LLoydSouth. Congratulations to our three winning Associates who each received a Certificate of Honor, a silver LLoyd logo pin and a Visa Gift card, along with our full appreciation for being “LLoydEmployed.”

We present LLoyd’s 2017 LLoyd Associates of the Year…

Eva Kessel of Great Neck, NY is the Associate of the Year for LLoyd HQ’s office based in Melville, NY. Eva registered with us after spending a few years as a volunteer at the Monter Cancer Center, part of Northwell Health Center for Advanced Medicine. Her managers there recommended that she apply at LLoyd so that she might transition from volunteer work to a temporary assignment. She joined our organization in 2008 and then decided to go to school for Medical Billing.

After graduating, we were eventually able to place her at the exact facility where she had volunteered. The culture fit between Eva and the Monter Cancer Center is a good one. Since 2010 Eva has been a working steadily as a LLoyd Staffing Associate. Eva’s Manager at Northwell’s Region Care, Bridgette Carter, Office Manager, says, “Eva is very hard working and dependable. She is a conscientious worker who knows how to prioritize the day so that all tasks are completed daily. She is a real pleasure to work with.”

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Eva Kessel

When the LLoyd team showed up on the job to award her with this honor, they also celebrated her 75th birthday and were joined by her Region Care colleagues. Eva’s LLoyd Staffing Specialist, Crystal James, CSP, says, “Eva has an exceptional work ethic. She is well respected, always going above and beyond.” She has been at her current assignment since 2015 and we hope she will continue to remain LLoydemployed because we are happy to have her on board!



Melissa Matos, CSP, the Director of Operations for LLoyd South in Fort Lauderdale, says the selection of their Associate of the Year was an easy one. This office proudly named Vivian Bently from Pompano, Florida. Vivian has worked on her current assignment at Leads Zoom since October 2016. This past January she was promoted to manage and oversee the other LLoyd temporary employees who are also deployed there. Previouisly, she was with another one of LLoyd’s clients and when her firm downsized, she came to us because she had encountered LLoyd associates on her job and knew Call Center Reps was one of our specialized talent areas.   Vivian is the first one in every day and the last one out.

Vivian Bently

In the nearly 12 months she has been working for LLoyd, she has only been absent once – for her birthday! Vivian treats her assignment as more than a temporary position. Melissa Matos says, “Vivian does a really great job not only with her Leads Zoom duties, but as a reprentative and ambassador of LLoyd Staffing each and every day. We are happy to have her as part of our field team.”


Jefferson Loiseau


LLOYD IT has named Jefferson Loiseau, Uniondale, NY, as our IT Consulting Associate of the Year. Jefferson has been on the LLoydIT team since 2007 when he was first deployed to Motorola and then later to Northwell Health. In 2015, Jefferson took on an engagement at Shearman & Sterling where he has done an exemplary job as a Network Security Operations Engineer. His work is highly valued and we are very proud of him.

JC Brillant, Director of LLoydIT says, “Jefferson is very adaptable and does a fine job in representing LLoydIT in the marketplace.” Jefferson tells us he enjoys the diversity of his engagements and working with new companies.

Good work, Jefferson, thank you!



“LLoyd salutes the contingent talent who work as temporary and contract employees in today’s workplace,” says Keith Banks, CSP, President of LLoyd. “For nearly 50 years, we have provided flexible talent to our nation’s businesses. We thank this year’s honorees for the exceptional work they do on LLoyd’s behalf and welcome calls from the busines community when they need talent for short or long-term workforce needs. We have an inventory of skilled, vetted talent ready to take on the challenges of today’s marketplace.”

If you are interested in working as a LLoyd temporary associate or LLoyd IT Consultant, please register for employment.  Check out employment options at FIND WORK and if you have an opening you need to staff, complete the FIND TALENT form and we will be immediately in touch with you.

Thank you Eva, Jefferson and Vivian!


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