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Employers Project Strongest Hiring Forecast in 10 Years



According to CareerBuilder’s annual jobs forecast, 2017 is anticipated to be the strongest hiring forecast of the last decade with 40% of employers planning to hire full time staff members in the coming year. The national survey was conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder and revealed these additional highlights:

  • 66% of employers plan to increase salaries on initial job offers.
  • 63% said they expect employees across job functions to have some experience with social media.
  • 62% rate candidates’ soft skills such as having a positive attitude and being team-oriented as very important when recruiting.
  • 55% said they will train workers who don’t have experience in their field and hire them in 2017.
  • 41% said they will reach out to candidates via text messages to schedule interviews.
  • 47 percent expect to increase the minimum wage at their organizations.At LLoyd, Executive Vice President, Jason Banks, CSP reports that 2017 has opened up with a flurry of activity.

“We’ve had a fast start across all talent communities.  Candidates seem to be interviewing at a more accelerated pace.  We see that our clients are realizing that delaying the hiring process  jeopardizes their ability to hold on to a candidate.  The more desirable the candidate feels and the more thoughtful the overall candidate experience, the better the chances of hiring their first choice.  Our busiest communities have been IT, Sales and Admin so far.  It’s great to see this kind of movement in the marketplace.”

Jason Banks, EVP LLoyd Annual Meeting
Jason Banks, EVP
LLoyd Annual Meeting

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