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Creative Dream Team

Interim Creative Professional Teams – a New Way to Outsource Talent

I’m not your Average Recruiter. I came into the Recruitment and Search industry as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) having held various digital and marketing leadership roles at companies such as Big Buzz Communications and Computer Associates.

I know what it’s like to have to suddenly assemble a team of creatives to address a big pitch when you don’t really have the bandwidth to handle the workload. You can’t sacrifice the business opportunity, but pulling your people off existing projects will significantly alter deadlines and client delivery on existing business.

Agencies and Marketers Can Access Creative Talent Teams To Go
Now imagine, a pre-qualified, fully vetted, appropriately matched Marketing Team arrives on your doorstep.   Typically, this team might consist of:

  • Creative Director/Project Leader
  • Copywriter
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Digital Marketing Strategist  …or, whatever kind of creative/digital team is needed to execute the project at hand.

Of course, the team doesn’t just happen. There are steps taken to ensure an understanding of who and what you need. We talk skills, experience, the most efficient way to execute and the project budget. This detailed consult allows us to determine the resources and skill level for each position, the pay rate for each and allow room for overhead and agency profit, timelines for completion and any ongoing resources (such as social media or SEO).

Both agencies and corporate marketing departments are migrating over to outsourcing more and more for project work. It’s a business reality, but LLoyd Creative’s Dream Team gives you a knowledgeable partner to assemble the talent needed to win the client.   Instead of stretching already overtaxed internal resources, everyone stays on task and you get a well-crafted solution to your creative challenge.

CLICK HERE to listen to Christine describe one of the top candidates she currently represents.

Many Talented Freelancers Prefer To Have LLoyd Represent Them for Projects Instead of Chasing Down Their Own Gigs
Many of the professionals who work with LLoyd have held key roles in the creative, digital or marketing communities. They are actively seeking their next project and prefer to have LLoyd represent them as their Talent Agent. Their portfolios have been reviewed, their references verified. LLoyd’s in-depth screening removes the burden of searching portfolio sites or social platforms to identify talent from your shoulders. These individuals, though working on your project, at your site, remain LLoyd employees. We define the project deliverables with them at the onset and set check-ins to ensure the team remains on task. We are responsible for all aspects of employment including payroll taxes, unemployment, disability and workers comp insurance and LLoyd associates are all bonded and fully guaranteed.

Set up your own Creative Dream Team To Go – tap into the resources of Christine Lopez at LLoydCreative.

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