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A Differentiator in the Creative/Digital Talent Landscape

According to eMarketer, 2018 digital ad spending worldwide was more than $600 billion. All the more reason it is essential that corporations, agencies and not-for-profits align themselves with creative professionals who can create, track, measure and deliver their messages and value propositions to their targeted audiences.

LLoyd has built its’ ecosystem on a strategy of hiring subject matter experts to cater to specific markets and business communities. That’s why we eagerly welcomed Jon Giunta to our Fort Lauderdale, Florida team last November to head up LLoydCreative and Digital Talent for LLoydSouth.

Jon began his career as a Creative professional after attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale studying Advertising Design. He spent more than a decade at his desk in both the New York City and South Florida markets as an Art Director (Advertising) and as a Creative Director (Broadcasting) before transitioning to a recruitment and search career in 1998. Recruitment was the perfect choice for him because he was able to continue to work with and meet exceptional creative professionals while assisting in their needs for talent or career opportunities.

According to Jon, “After 20 years with mega creative staffing agencies whose goals were more, more, more, I now have an opportunity to do what I always wanted to do. Place a select group of candidates with an exclusive group of clients who are serious about working with me and my team on making great talent connections that last.

We are not interested in being a resume factory. We are interested in working in tandem with business leaders to discuss their immediate and long term goals. We want to hear about and understand their challenges, learn about their culture and supply them with creative, digital and marketing talent that will make a difference. Truly creating a win-win-win for all parties involved.”


A serendiptious connection brought him to LLoyd and he knew he had found a new home for his next chapter. LLoyd already had an established specialty, LLoydCreative, which selectively engages talent and companies working within traditional and new media environments. Jon and his team at LLoydSouth address all of the following areas of creative/digital professionals…

Creative • UX/UI • Web Dev • Copy • Digi Marketing • Marketing •
Project Management • Advertising • Executive •Leadership

Tap into Jon’s extensive Talent pipeline whether you are hiring talent
or seeking a new opportunity.
JON GIUNTA,   954.487.1003

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