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A Culture of Cooks

With summer coming to a close, many people have gardens overflowing with the vegetables they’ve worked so hard to grow over the past few months.

We find that at LLoyd we have a mix of gardeners and chefs – there must be some relationship to finetuning and putting ingredients together the same way there is to effectively matching talent and employers.

Our “culture of cooks” works for us and allows our staff to engage in friendships that strengthen the bond between colleagues.

Certainly, the three LLoydsters shown here who collectively have over 75 years at LLoyd, have been a huge part of our company’s sustainability and level of performance over the years.  (By, the way we are in HIRING mode right now and have several excellent opportunities for those interested in a recruitment industry career.)

They offer up three of their favorite recipes for summer bounty.

Thank you to Donna Caputo, Susan King and Joanne Cossentino for your commitment to LLoyd and your contributions to our palette!

LLoyd Foodies

Click the image for a larger version of their recipes.

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