“Why Should I Work Here?” is the NEW “Why Should We Hire You?”

By Jason Banks, CSP, Executive Vice President, LLoyd Staffing
It’s a truth in hiring – companies spend a lot of time and expense identifying and recruiting candidates… but they should be giving equal time and expense to doing what it takes to motivate talent so that they say, “WOW, what a company, I want to work here.”

Let’s look at it this way –– when you go to a restaurant who doesn’t like to feel welcomed? It’s nice if the Manager or Owner knows you and greets you warmly. You are likely to keep going back because you feel like they care and want your business. How about when you go for coffee and the counterperson knows your order before you even say it. You feel valued… remembered.

That’s why I’m always amazed when I hear job candidates tell me that they have just gone on an interview and the hiring manager spent as little as five minutes with them, or looked at their phone more than the candidate, or three managers explained the position three different ways. Or worse, not a single person ever presented the company and discussed the corporate culture!
Why would a candidate ever want to work there?

Sure, a candidate expects to have to sell themselves when it comes to the position, but how about the prospective employer giving them their own sales pitch for why the candidate should want to work for that particular company? Every day the marketplace is changing. Soon candidates will be driving the action and with the continued emergence of the consulting and freelance workforce, the competition for strong, high potential talent will be accelerated. The young professionals entering today’s job market want an “experience” – a compelling reason to be part of something that is more than just a job and a paycheck. It is intuitive to who this new generation of workers is as a group and it’s time for organizations, hiring managers and HR to re-think the interview process. They need to take the “shark tank” dynamic and turn it around. Employer s must make their own pitch so that candidates say, “I’m in!”

Often, these are candidates that you have targeted because you want their talent, experience and potential for what they can bring your company. You need to leave them saying, “WOW! Even if I don’t receive an offer, that was an impressive company!”

The loyalty metric system created by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) calculates how likely a customer, client, or in this case, job candidate will be to refer their friends or colleagues to an organization. Maybe it’s time for an Interview Promoter Score (IPS), how many candidates and possible referrals your firm can generate by showing a candidate a GREAT Interview experience.

Often I speak with HR and talent acquisition executives and I hear them say their absolute best source of new talent is referrals. Referrals come from all different channels – did you ever think about how interviewed candidates can be a strong referral source? 
Getting your teams motivated and consistent in their presentation of the position and company will also improve the quality of hire and time of opening because the interview experience will be in sync and measurable. The goal is to get the candidate to invest in you!

I think Inc. magazine contributor and blogger, Janine Popick, CEO/Founder of VerticleResponse, said it best when she said, (paraphrasing) Do not wait – good talent is in front of you, go after it, do not wait, get them, win them!

She’s right. Remember, talent wins the war. Why wouldn’t you drive a model that produces great talent and also attracts the best talent so that when you want them, they are already highly motivated and ready to help you win.

This kind of mind-set will help you gain more acceptance to offers and ease potential salary negotiations. It will also help with a smooth on boarding process. Best of all, it helps with engagement and morale with your current employees because every time your leaders meet a candidate, whether it be in an interview, networking event or business deal, they speak and repeat this mission. It’s a win-win.

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