Client FAQs

You are the priority.


It is a “top-grade” process that we own and consistently use to deliver superior talent by attracting, engaging and inspiring the individuals you want to hire and employ. It is based on three key components:

  • Quality of Job:We gather an in-depth understanding of the position, your expectations and the ideal candidate.  We ask about culture fit so our referrals match your corporate DNA.
  • Quality of Candidate:Each referral is rigorously interviewed and vetted. We have a technical aptitude for identifying skills and areas of expertise and deciphering capabilities to fit your unique role. 
  • Quality of Presentation: Each candidate referred to you will be delivered through the same consistent process. You will have the appropriate documents, interviewing schedule, and our candid feedback about fitness potential for your opening. Additionally our presentation to the candidate about your opening is designed toenhance your employer brand and create the best candidate experience by educating them about your firm and the opportunity at hand.

When you work with LLoyd, you tap into a system built to focus specifically on the caliber of talent that seems unreachable or consumes too much of your team’s time. We remove hiring risks with protections of investment such as guaranteeing direct hire talent for three months and contract talent for their first five hours. Our alternative pricing programs also offer extended guarantees based on the search model.