TALENT WINS – Maximizing In-house Recruiters with External Search Partners

We don’t always understand it when a company tells us, “We have internal recruiters – we don’t need to take our search outside.”  To us, that’s a little bit like saying, “We’ve tasted vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, there’s no need to taste any other ice cream flavors.”

That’s too bad – there are some pretty amazing options out there that you’ll miss experiencing!

Yes, your options are good – but is good enough really how you want to recruit?
Is it how you want your organization to function?

Many internal corporate recruiters do more than just recruit; often they are saddled with other HR or employee onboarding duties.  They must juggle responsibilities and try to prioritize one department’s talent requisition over another.  Many of our clients use their own internal recruiters; however, their leadership also understands that a broader talent pool often results in a better cost per hire and a faster hiring time frame.  When you rely solely on an internal team, you may be losing quality talent to your competitors.

It is advantageous to use outside staffing and search services in tandem with your internal recruitment team.  Why is this a strategy worth considering? Because it is understood that in-house recruiters source candidates from job boards and respond to submissions to the organization’s job postings.  What they can’t do and don’t do is recruit from your competitors and actively engage with the passive candidate.

External recruiters, like those here at Lloyd, have done deep pipeline development. We are always in touch with candidates through our ATS and other technologies and we are always working to build TRUST and an ongoing Talent-Recruiter relationship.   More often external recruiters are working with people who are employed than those who are not.  They are always speaking with candidate talent who must have confidentiality – professionals who would never put their resumes “out there” or make their desire to make a professional move public information.  These are exceptional candidates craving a career change, but who will not jeopardize their employment to make this fact known to your internal team; however, they are willing to share these confidences with us.  Your in-house recruiters can’t or won’t contact these individuals because they don’t know they are looking and it would reflect poorly on your organization if they did so.   External recruiters fall into the “privacy circle” like talking to a physician or attorney – what gets shared with them is privileged information.

Why would your organization’s management – whom we all must believe want to access the best pool of talent for the choosing – NOT consider all their options and use BOTH an inside and external recruiting team?   Remember, there is no cost or obligation to pay a fee for seeing our candidates.   Only and if a company determines the candidate from the outside recruiting source is the better choice is there a fee involved AND only once placed/hired! – Being able to compare the talent presented by both inside and external recruiters and doing the very best due diligence for hiring for your company and its mission  justifies using both sources.

It’s why smart organizations consider the cost and loss of income from not having a qualified candidate in place within the desired time frame and use both internal and external recruiting sources simultaneously to give themselves the fastest and most extensive slate of candidates.

The two teams are not in competition, at their best they are collaborators.   It is the desire to expand and improve the talent selection that should drive the pairing of in-house recruiters with external search partners.  Together we can build an amazing base of talent by leveraging each other’s knowledge, processes and connections.  Talent Wins!!


Merrill Banks, CSP, CEO founded LLoyd Staffing in 1971. Under his direction, LLoyd has grown into the largest privately owned staffing firm on Long Island (NY) and a well respected name in the recruitment and search industry.   READ MORE

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