Where Are All The Candidates?

We are living in one of the tightest recruitment job markets we have experienced in many years.  So many factors are impacting the ability to identify and recruit talent – the growing desire for remote work, the challenges presented by vaccine mandates and the overall desire by workers to rethink their work situations to create […]

Managing Your Online Interview

Get your webcam ready – it’s the newest “must have” item in your job search toolkit. Screening prospective hires online saves employers time, distance and money. The Skype interview gives the interviewer a chance to gauge body language, reaction time, communication skills and gain a visual impression for quickly evaluating a candidate and deciding who moves on to the next step and who does not.

Resume – Objective vs. Summary?

Ask most Recruiters or Hiring Managers today if they feel an objective is necessary and you’ll likely hear a resounding “NO!”

Are Sales Tools Necessary to Make A Sale?

Digital is a tool and won’t help you if you aren’t a value creator, a subject matter expert, someone who can bring new ideas to your clients and show how you might help your clients change and execute new solutions.