Opportunities Ahead…

An Internship will give you the experience you need and help determine what is important to you by seeing and experiencing the various departments a corporation has to offer.

The Internship Experience

Students who have maximized their internship experience and have used it to truly gain new skills and a better understanding of their field of study, will ultimately interview with a different confidence and knowledge level.

The Interns Are Leaving The Building

College students who have spent time in learning-on-the-job opportunities are now returning to campus or entering the “official” workforce.

Why You Didn’t Get the Job Offer…

The Class of 2017 is now home and ready to put their newly earned degrees to work. Job market newbies need to bring their best game to the interview. Here are some tips so you WILL get the offer, instead of being passed over. Learn from these proven mistakes.

Graduating to Employment

For most of my generation, graduation is terrifying, it means becoming an actual adult, with real responsibilities. I’ve just completed five weeks of a corporate internship, observing the daily ins and outs of a staffing firm, I’ve been able to hear about candidates and talent that have made really good impressions as well as some not-so-nice impressions. I also have been doing research for marketing and social recruiting projects. I am now able to come away with some advice to my fellow Millennials who are entering the job market or will soon be entering it this spring.