Lemons or Lemonade… Being passed over for a promotion and what to do next

Sometimes your career, can throw you a curve. Like matters of the heart, there may come a time when you face rejection and lose out to someone else – We’re talking about being passed over for a promotion. This act of betrayal by an employer whom you feel you have been very loyal to, can really feel like a punch in the gut. What can you do if this happens to you?

Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Holiday Office parties can be pleasant and even fun, or they can derail even the speediest fast tracker. Watch the “party politics” this season and remember that you’ll be working with these same people the next day. Acting out and making too merry might make the difference between a boost up the corporate chimney or finding coal in your cubicle.

Stay or Go

Confused as to the next step in your career? Read this advice by LLoyd’s Chief Marketing Officer and career guidance author, Nancy Schuman, CSP, to help you decide what direction is right for you.

Searching for a Job on Your Own Terms

Though there are a number of key components to a successful job search—networking, research, and hard work immediately come to mind—unfortunately none of them reduces the stress of finding a new position. There is no doubt about it: searching for a job can be stressful.

Taking Temp to the Next Level

Temporary employment can be quite an adventure. From the moment a LLoyd Staffing Specialist calls with your first assignment, the doors are wide open to try your hand and develop your skills at a variety of employers. For students, new grads, and boomers who desire flexibility in their schedule, to professionals seeking a career change – temporary work is ideal for trying out a position, field or company, before making a “permanent” commitment.