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You’re face to face with the interviewer who says, “Sell me this stapler.”

Something like that has probably happened to every person who ever began a career in sales. You either love that question or hate it. Most over achieving sales professionals thrive, because to them it’s about identifying the need and the art of persuasion. In other words, the most effective route to getting a “Yes.” Sell you this stapler? Sure.

Many of the members of the LLoyd Sales and Marketing community all began their careers in a Sales or Marketing capacity. That’s why they are so adept at identifying and referring exceptional Talent for B2B and B2C opportunities in a wide range of verticals, channels and industries. They know and love the industry, they understand its dynamics – they are passionate about selling.

The employers who use LLoyd as a recruitment resource come from diverse fields, but the common goal is the desire for high performing Talent. They value and appreciate professionals who recognize that the best sales/marketing talent know that success is all about building relationships, cultivating brand loyalty and delivering a product or service that offers true value.

Representative industries serviced by LLoyd Sales and Marketing include:

Business Services               Media and Advertising

Consumer Products           Healthcare

Industrial Products            Technology

All roles within Sales and Marketing are covered by this practice group ranging from entry level associates, to mid and senior management, directors, vice presidents and senior VPs through C-level positions.

Beyond our six core industries, LLoyd has developed an even deeper niche in the specialized area of Technology Sales and Marketing Talent. This LLoyd specialty within a specialty addresses the exciting rapid changes and advancements in technology that continually face us in every part of our personal and professional lives. The Technology Talent team concentrates on placing experienced Software and Services talent in a wide range of technology sales environments.

Typical areas of placement include:

  • Account Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Product Specialties
  • Lead Generation
  • Field Sales
  • Business Development
  • Sales Management
  • Regional and National Sales/Marketing Leadership
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Brand Building
  • Cloud Applications
  • HCM
  • IT Service Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Storage
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence/CRM
  • ERP
  • Application Development/Testing
  • Communications/Convergence
  • Internet/Media
  • Fraud Detection
  • Government and Compliance
  • Anti Money Laudering

78% of Sales professionals will take less money to sell something compelling.

– Glassdoor.com

67% of LLoyd clients were referred to us by other satisfied clients.

The top 3 phrases that hiring managers cited as turn-offs on a resume are: “Best of Breed,” “Go-getter,” and “Think outside the box.”

– CareerBuilder.com


“[My Recruiter] is a polished professional who takes pride in fully understanding the needs of his clients and only submits the best talent for the job. He goes the extra mile to learn the industries he services inside and out… He brings great value to the organizations he works with.”


“[My Recruiter] exudes professionalism on every level. He takes his craft very seriously and he utilizes all the tools that are available to help him find the right candidate. He takes his time to…establish solid relationships. I highly recommend.”


“We have all received many calls from people in the staffing industry. [My LLoyd recruiter] is a guy whose phone call you want to pick up and who you should feel lucky to be considered by. Very knowledgeable, very well connected. “


“[We had an] extremely effective recruiter. He found our Senior VP of Sales in record time. Our industry is growing, but is very unique. [Our recruiter] was able to identify half a dozen candidates we considered to be great matches. Highly recommend for executive staffing.”

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Recent Placements
  • Director of Marketing


  • VP of Sales

    Food & Beverage

  • National Sales Manager


  • Business Development Manager

    Consumer Products

  • Sales Engineer

    Industrial Manufacturing

  • Sr. Account Manager

    Financial Services

  • Vice President Sales

    Compliance Software

  • Sr. Director Brand Partnerships

    YouTube MCN

  • Head of Market Management, Americas

    Industrial Automation

  • Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager


  • Director of Marketing


  • Solutions Architect

    Business Intelligence Software Vendor