You must get involved to offer real impact.

If you work in nonprofit or hope to be a part of that world, you know the full meaning of these words. The desire to make a difference through a shared vision typically drives nonprofit professionals. For the nonprofit community and the people who work work within it, bettering society or life conditions for others is an essential part of their personal career value system.

As a company, LLoyd’s own core values include the goal of promoting a culture of learning, growth and social responsibility.   Consistently contributing to carefully chosen causes is an essential part of our corporate infrastructure and because we deeply respect the commitment of the nonprofit professsional mindset, we have developed a placement practice area dedicated to serving this sector. We identify, recruit and place talent for roles ranging from Board Member to Fundraiser to Community Liaison, and more. We have successfully placed nonprofit talent in positions within Advocacy, the Arts, Civic or Cultural Leadership, Education, Environment, Health, Human Services and Corporate Social Responsibility.

A representative sampling of our successful searches includes these core areas:

  • Fundraising/Development
  • Annual Appeals
  • Direct Mail/Email Marketing
  • Grant Writing
  • Major Gifts/Donors
  • Planned Giving
  • Special Events
  • Public Relations
  • Community Outreach/Services
  • Board Leadership
  • Policy Setting/Compliance
  • Operations Management
  • Volunteer Services

The Nonprofit sector is the third largest sector of U.S. employment with nearly 2 million nonprofits employing 10.7 million people.

– U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

68% of nonprofit organizations have a policy requiring board members to make a personal contribution on an annual basis.

– BoardSource Survey

The nonprofit sector is a magnet for millennial talent who actively seek involvement beyond monetary contributions for causes they care about. 57% seek “volunteer days” as part of their employment for planned days of service to a personal or corporate cause.

– The Millennial Impact Report (The Case Foundation)


“Excellent commitment, professional, persistent, and took the time to really get to know our organization’s needs.”

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Recent Placements
  • Sr. Vice President, Community Service

    Recycling, Repurposing, Environmental Sustainability

  • Director of Marketing & Membership

    Trade Association

  • Director of Development

    Disease Support & Quality of Life Issues

  • Case Manager

    Youth Mentoring & Advocacy

  • Communications Manager

    Industry-based Self Regulatory Body

  • Director of Major Gifts

    International Children’s Charity

  • Director of Maintenance and Facilities

    Global Organization for Community-based Programs

  • Executive Assistant

    Disadvantaged Youth Services

  • Sr. Director of Development NE Region

    Support for the Physically Challenged

  • Executive Director

    Developmental Disabilities