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Data Drives Decisions.

Big Data has been called the biggest game changing opportunity for businesses confronting digital transformation. The velocity of data and what to do with this data and how it drives decisions has opened up an unprecedented opportunity to see insights, analyze trends and create marketing strategy. In recent surveys although 83% of CIOs say big data will give their organizations a competitive edge, many admit they simply don’t have the available talent on hand to launch necessary big data initiatives and manage them on a regular basis.

LLoyd Data & Analytics addresses the demand for identifying, sourcing and placing talent in this explosive high growth/high demand area for large enterprise and start-up organizations.

The use of data, analytics and its interpretation will continue to guide organizations and the business marketplace as they make competitive decisions that impact performance, sales, versatility, loyalty and demand. LLoyd will continue to seek out and refer only the most qualified and exceptional Big Data candidate talent to employers who strive to better serve their audiences through the most up-to-date methodologies and innovations for accessing and interpreting critical data.

We recruit for all the following components of the Big Data ecosystem:

  • Business/Marketing Research
  • Data – capture, management, curation, sharing & warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analyses & Predictive Analytics
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Advertising/Merchandising
  • CRM
  • User Engagement
  • Brand Awareness


“[My recruiter] knows how to ask the tough questions, and is skilled at understanding the real capabilities of candidates…Bottom line – he makes the recruiting process very efficient for both candidates and employers.”


“Seasoned Recruiting professional. Honest, capable and great friend.”

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Recent Placements
  • Data Warehouse Manager


  • Data Analyst

    Technology Media

  • Sr. Manager Data Analytics


  • Business Intelligence


  • Manager, Web Analytics


  • Principal Product Marketing Manager

    Business Intelligence & Cyber Security