Lloyd Recognizes Upskilling as the Way to Engage and Retain Valued Employees


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If you are not already familiar with the term Upskilling you should be!
It means to teach an existing employee a new skill – but more than that, it takes someone and improves their ability to do their job better through training and learning new skills and processes.  It makes a worker more efficient and productive.  Sounds pretty good, right?  A win-win all around.

These days Upskilling is getting a lot of attention because the pandemic gave everyone the opportunity to evaluate their individual skillset.  Much media coverage was given to the skills of the future and digital efficiencies.  Many parents found themselves helping their children do school from home by “how to” googling or watching a Youtube video.  In essence, you are always upskilling yourself, but this makes it more formal and upskilling a workforce puts the training burden on the employer.

A report by Gartner TalentNeuron shows that the total number of skills required for a single job increases by 10% every year.  More than one-third of the skills that were present in a 2017 job posting are already obsolete in 2021!”

Polls also show that a huge amount of people are planning to seek new employment post-pandemic, but wonder if the skills they have now are relevant to new jobs or the workplace of tomorrow.  With this in mind, Lloyd has decided to embark on a new Upskilling program for our LLoydEmployed – our contract associates who work on assignment for client companies.  The LLoydEmployed community includes current associates and past alum (and clients too, if interested).

Lloyd’s first program is “The Most In Demand Project Management Career Skills” and it will be offered as a complimentary online program to all LLoydEmployed associates on Friday June 18th from 12 noon to 2 pm.  It is designed to help Business Analysts and all those who use PM skills in their workday to advance their knowledge in areas like Agile, Kanban, Daily Standups and Burndown charts. Dan Ryan, the Founder and CEO of PM Exam Coach, will lead the session.  Dan has built a global following of aspiring and experienced Project Managers and he offers this overview for the program content.

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