LLoyd Healthcare Brings on New Executive Director to Lead Nationwide Senior Level Talent Searches – Welcome Patty Puppo!

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This year we’ve seen healthcare workers in a whole new light – their value and the impact they have on their local communities. Healthcare hiring has unique challenges and the knowledge and experience of a veteran recruiter can make a tremendous difference to a hospital or practice’s workforce. LLoyd is pleased to announce a new addition to our team: Patty Puppo, Executive Director, who has a history of proven success in regional and national searches for C-Suite Leadership, Nursing and Allied Health roles. Take a minute to get to know Patty and her commitment to identifying quality talent and how she can assist your organization.

How long have you been in the staffing industry?
I have been in the industry for 21 years. I started running a full cycle national search desk in HVAC/R, and then I had an opportunity to run a desk in nursing and hospital administration for the last 16 years.

Why do you like it/what you do?
I enjoy communicating with people. What better way to do so than to market and recruit? I enjoy expanding my knowledge of the different clinical and operational areas of healthcare and have enjoyed working with a wide range of hospitals all over the U.S. It has been and continues to be a wonderful experience getting to know how hospital systems run and function in their geographic communities.This year my network of healthcare administrators educated me as to where we stood in our battle with COVID 19 from their unique perspective and how it impacted their talent teams. For me, the satisfaction of changing a candidate’s life and building up a department in a hospital through the hiring of a leader is very satisfying.

What is the most valuable trait or skill a Recruiter must possess?
A listening ear. I can hear you, but not be listening – you can hear a client or a candidate say what they need – but if you truly listen you will benefit both you and the person speaking. Careful listening directs my next steps for moving the search forward.

Best piece of advice you give to job seekers.
Love your job. You don’t have love your boss, but if you love your job it can bring you peace when your boss doesn’t! LOL. I learned that if I love what I do, I am grateful for having that opportunity. If you are loving your job and not liking where you happen to be doing it – then make a change! As a recruiter there is no such thing as “just a job” and no one should settle for something that is the wrong fit when it comes to their career.

Why are you an asset to your client’s hiring needs?
I have a sense of urgency! When my clients tell me they need something I am on top of it immediately – preferably yesterday! In addition, my clients need me to help their organizations to run more effectively. I take confidentiality and discretion very seriously, whether it’s an employer contact or a candidate. I know my client’s culture and that’s why I can provide them with the right hire; I never just send a resume. I put great thought into every referral.

Most memorable placement/impact experience you had on either client or talent.
My most memorable success stories involve candidate relocations. I had two favorites – one was in Alaska and another in Hawaii. These stand out because moving from these locations involved barges to get to the main land.  I was happy to “hold the hands” of my candidates while they were in the process of moving from these faraway states to positions in Arkansas and South Carolina.

If you had a super power what would it be?
If I had the power of super speed I think I would get even more done in a day than I already do. I would just have to remember that my super speed wouldn’t necessarily mean that everyone around me would be equally fast, so I would have to work around them. That could be a work disruptor!  LOL.

How do you relax after work?
I enjoy watching documentaries at home or favorite shows like Billions or His Dark Materials. I’ve also plugged into many groups via zoom during the pandemic and have enjoyed seeing friends in a new way. I will admit however, that I am finding that I often enjoy the quietness and stillness of just being home.

Favorite book or movie?
So many, but what comes to mind is, “The Hurricane” with Denzel Washington as the lead; it’s based on a true story.

Something we might not know about you?
That’s easy – I embrace the Ocean. I live an Ocean Life so anything with “the ocean” appeals to me. I ride water and have been doing so for years. I also studied oceanography so I enjoy the environment and its’ creatures. I learned how to properly swim at age 43 and it opened up a whole new world for me.

Communicating with whales – is on Patty’s Bucket List!

If you want to talk Healthcare Talent, Patty welcomes connecting on Linkedin.
She is also reachable on her direct line at 954.487.1012.

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