Welcome to LLoyd

We are pleased to have you join LLoyd as a valued contingent talent associate.

You are joining one of the most trusted and long standing companies in the staffing industry. As a member of our flexible workforce team, we will do our best to provide you with challenging and rewarding employment opportunities with the very best regional and national companies.

Our mission is to excel at identifying, representing and connecting workforce talent. This means we are committed to making sure your skills, background and career goals are a good fit for your work assignment. At LLoyd, we are proud of the tenure of our workforce –more than 1,000 of our associates have been employed by LLoyd for two years or more. We attribute this to the importance we place on providing a strong employee benefits program, convenient procedures and easy access to LLoyd leadership.

LLoydEmployed – gives you the information you need to be a productive temporary employee. It outlines our polices, as well as our wide array of benefits. You will also find portals to external platforms that you will need during the course of your employment with us. You will learn about:

  • our expectations of you as an employee
  • how you will be paid including Direct Deposit pay
  • day-to-day employment policies
  • what we have to offer in terms of employee health insurance
  • our 401K program
  • LLoyd’s special Loyalty Bonus that rewards your commitment and length of service

LLoyd has been serving the business and talent communities since 1971. That’s a long and respected history of successful career connections. We wish you satisfying employment with us…whether it is for a short period or for an extended engagement. We promise to do our best to listen to your feedback and address your questions or concerns.

Each component of LLoydEmployed offers valuable information on some aspect of your employment. We suggest you click through each one and make yourself familiar with what we have to offer and how we can best work with each other. Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local LLoyd Representative by phone or email.

Congratulations…your employment starts here!

All of us at LLoyd look forward to working with you.


If you are interested in working as a Temporary or Consulting Associate, we require that you Register for Employment. If you have not already done so, please register now.

You can view all of our current employment opportunities at Find Work.

Employee Benefits Overview

LLoyd values the commitment extended by all of the people who make up our Contingent Talent Workforce – our Temporary Associates, Creative Freelancers, IT Consultants and Interim Professionals.

We believe our benefit package is one of the reasons our retention is so high. Our program was created from feedback from our employees. We welcome your input and from time to time we hold Focus Groups to learn what matters to you and how we can make improve the employment process.   Many of our rewards are generated automatically without requiring you to keep track of hours or other data. We have made every effort to make our program equitable and give everyone rewards based on universal standards. Please note however, that not every location participates in the full benefits program. You should check with your LLoyd Talent Specialist to see what benefits are current for your location.

Here is a SUMMARY of what you can expect as a LLoyd Associate.

Health Plans

LLoyd offers comprehensive medical coverage and you may choose the plan that best suits your needs. Each plan offers a co-payment for doctor visits and a prescription drug plan. You may cover yourself, spouse and dependents. Initial eligibility requirements are the acceptance of a LLoyd assignment.

Dental & Vision

We offer a wide variety of reduced fee-for-service plans, which means there are no claim forms, deductibles or restrictions, just an annual membership fee. LLoyd Associates are entitled to discounted dental services, providing the work is done by a dentist or specialist within the plan. Some of the advantages of this program include a significant savings on dental work; a free, compete diagnostic exam; and cosmetic dentistry.

Holiday Bonus

LLoyd rewards our Associates who work during a week with a holiday. These holidays are:

New Year’s Day                       Labor Day
Memorial Day                          Thanksgiving
Independence Day                Christmas

These holidays can generate a bonus for you, providing you have worked 1250 hours during the 12 months preceding the holiday, plus the business days before and after the holiday. You will be paid a $100 bonus if you meet these requirements and this holiday bonus will be generated automatically – you do not have to make a request or complete any paperwork.

Loyalty Bonus

This is a special LLoyd perk that rewards commitment and length of service. After every 1500 hours of work, you will receive an automatic loyalty bonus of an extra $300 in your paycheck. You do not have to track your hours, the LLoyd payroll system will do it for you. After you receive your first Loyalty Bonus, your hours re-set to zero and you begin accruing once again.

Your current Loyalty hours are noted on your paycheck.

Paid Sick Leave

Some regions have implemented Paid Sick leaves in cities or states. LLoyd provides Paid Sick Days in all jurisdictions where Sick Leave laws are in effect. When Sick Leave is in effect, the Paid Sick Leave replaces the LLoyd Loyalty Bonus for all Temporary Staffing Specialists/Consultants who meet the eligibility requirements.  Laws vary by jurisdiction.


LLoyd helps you invest in your future! You can elect to contribute 2% to 20% of your total income earned as a LLoyd Associate. Build up your retirement account with 401K savings. Each contribution saves you federal, state and local taxes.

Direct Deposit

LLoyd offers this convenient method of receiving your weekly paycheck so that it is in your account on payday each week.

Employee Discount Program

As a LLoyd Associate you can enjoy discounted pricing on a wide range of electronics, apparel and other merchandise, along with concert and show tickets and much more.

To see current offers, you just need to enter a password, which you can get from your LLoyd Talent Specialist and then go shopping!

Online Tutorials

Broaden your skills and software proficiency through free online software tutorials that can be learned at your convenience at home or on the go.


  • Not all of these benefits are offered at all LLoyd locations. Please check with your Staffing Representative.
  • Payrolling personnel are not included in LLoyd benefits.
  • All programs are subject to change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time at LLoyd’s discretion.

Note: These benefits became effective as of 1/1/13 and supersede all preceding programs.

Administrative Professionals