Time Off & Bonus Policies

LLoyd values our hard working associates and we have several programs in place that provide bonus pay or paid sick days to support an individual’s lifestyle needs and to reward performance.

Holiday Bonus

LLoyd rewards our Associates who work during a week with a holiday. These holidays are:

New Year’s Day                      Labor Day
Memorial Day                         Thanksgiving
Independence Day               Christmas

These holidays can generate a bonus for you, providing you have worked 1250 hours during the 12 months preceding the holiday, plus the business days before and after the holiday. You will be paid a $100 bonus if you meet these requirements and this holiday bonus will be generated automatically – you do not have to make a request or complete any paperwork.

Paid Sick Leave

LLoyd provides Paid Sick Days in all jurisdictions where Sick Leave laws are in effect. Please note that in NYC and some NJ cities, the Paid Sick Leave replaces the LLoyd Loyalty Bonus for all Temporary Staffing Specialists/Consultants that meet the eligibility requirements.  Laws vary by jurisdiction.

Loyalty Bonus

This is a unique and special LLoyd perk that rewards commitment and length of service. After every 1500 hours of work, you will receive an automatic loyalty bonus of an extra $200 in your paycheck. You do not have to track your hours, the LLoyd payroll system will do it for you. After you receive your first Loyalty Bonus, your hours re-set to zero and you begin accruing once again.

Your current Loyalty hours are noted on your paycheck.

Any questions about LLoyd’s Time Off or Bonus Policies should be directed to the LLoyd HR Department.

The Loyalty Bonus is subject to change at any time.  Current program in effect as of January 2019.



Email:    HR@LLoydstaffing.com
Phone:   631-777-7600, ext. 7623