Sick Leave

Sick Leave Ordinances

Paid sick days are an emerging trend in the workplace. While there are no federal laws concerning sick leaves, several states and regions have implemented laws in specific locations around the U.S.   LLoyd Staffing is in full compliance with any sick leave ordinances in the jurisdictions where we employ and assign our associates and we will continue to monitor and implement Sick Leave pay as new states and localities adopt such policies across the country.

In general, the jurisdictions that have adopted paid sick leave typically require a minimum period of actual work (e.g., 30 days) before such benefits begin to accrue and at least 90 days of employment before accrued benefits can be used. This is NOT universal and the laws of those jurisdictions that have adopted Paid Sick leave vary.

If you believe the jurisdiction where you are employed has an ordinance related to Paid Sick Leave, we recommend that you discuss this with your LLoyd Representative. At the time of this writing, those LLoyd locations where Sick Leave is in place include: New York City (all five boroughs), Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey and the state of California.

In order to be eligible to take an accrued sick day, you must give your LLoyd office as much notice as possible of the date and time the employee will be out and using accrued paid sick leave.  If the need to use sick leave is foreseeable, an employee should give LLoyd no less than seven (7) days’ advance notice, but in no event should an employee give notice AFTER the start of their scheduled shift.  Please provide your Manager with a call (preferred) or an email, that indicates you are taking a sick day and whether it is a full day (8 hours) or a half day (4 hours).

Paid Sick Leave is NOT in place in all LLoyd locations – only those where Ordinances are in place. When there is no ordinance in effect, the LLoyd Loyalty Bonus is offered. This is a special LLoyd program that rewards commitment and length of service. After every 1500 hours of work, you will receive an automatic loyalty bonus of an extra $200 in your paycheck! You never have to track your hours or submit a request, our payroll system does it for you. After you receive your first Loyalty Bonus, your hours re-set to zero and you begin accruing all over again. Loyalty hours on your pay stub let you know where you stand toward your 1500 hour reward.

Please note that “Paid Sick Leave” replaces the LLoyd Loyalty Bonus for all Temporary Staffing Associates or IT Consultants who meet the eligibility requirements in those jurisdictions where the law is in effect.

Any questions about whether a location is subject to a Paid Sick Leave ordinance should be directed to your LLoyd Representative or the LLoyd HR Department.



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