Payroll Procedures & Timesheets

Making sure you are paid correctly is one of LLoyd’s most important commitments to you. To ensure we are able to do this with accuracy, we need your help in tracking the time you arrive and leave your assignment each day and how long you take for lunch.

You need to submit your timesheet weekly – each LLoyd location may have its own unique processes, so review your LLoyd location (below) to ensure you are following proper procedure. Remember, YOU are responsible for meeting our payroll deadlines!


Accurate completion of a LLoyd timesheet ensures you will be paid without any problems. See our example of how this is done.

How to Complete a LLoyd timesheet

Getting Paid

Payday at Lloyd Staffing is FRIDAY.

Most LLoyd Associates utilize either Direct Deposit to their bank accounts or deposit to a Global Cash Card that LLoyd will provide.  Associates using either of these programs will have their check in their bank account or Global Cash Card account on Friday.

  • Approved timesheets are due 5:00 p.m. Monday immediately following the week you worked.
  • Online timesheets are to be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Sunday, via the appropriate Vendor Management Systems/VMS/Timesheet Portals immediately following the week you worked.
  • Approval of online timesheets by 5:00 p.m. Monday – It is YOUR responsibility to verify that your Supervisor has approved your online timesheet by the deadline in order to guarantee it is processed that week.

Online Timesheets

The majority of LLoyd assignments require you to complete an online timesheet. Your LLoyd Talent Specialist will inform you at the onset and provide you with appropriate instructions. The VMS /Employee Portal provides access to the online platforms utilized by LLoyd client companies.

Wages & Overtime

Your hourly wage is determined by your skill set, experience and the client’s job requirements. This rate may vary from assignment to assignment. Before you accept an assignment, your LLoyd Talent Specialist will alert you to the pay rate. You are paid for all approved hours, excluding lunch hours. Any extra hours or overtime MUST be approved by LLoyd Staffing in advance of your timesheet submission. LLoyd is your employer – NOT the client where you are on assignment. As your employer, we are responsible for deducting from your pay mandatory FICA, Federal, State and Local taxes.

Direct Deposit Pay

Many of our associates appreciate the opportunity to access their paycheck as soon as it is available. This is accomplished by enrolling in LLoyd’s Direct Deposit Pay Program.

You must complete the Direct Deposit Form and provide LLoyd with a voided blank check* from your bank account so that we have all the necessary information to deposit your paycheck directly into your checking account. *We understand that not everyone can provide a voided check; therefore, you may also provide us with a document from your financial institution which indicates the bank routing number and your account number.


Once we have received both your form and voided blank check, it will take approximately two pay cycles for Direct Deposit to be active. You will be sent an email of confirmation prior to your first Direct Deposit and be provided with instructions on how to access and view your stubs online.

Regardless of whether you receive a traditional paycheck or a direct deposit paycheck, you must adhere to the required timesheet deadlines of your location/division. If your timesheet is not received by deadline, your paycheck will not be processed until the next pay period. If you request direct deposit and your timesheet is received by deadline, you will be able to access your funds through your account by Friday of each week. As a precaution, we recommend that you verify with your bank that the money has arrived in your account before drawing against it.

Global Cash Cards

LLoyd is pleased to offer a convenient, immediate method to receive your paycheck via a Global Cash Card which will be issued as a personalized Visa paycard.  This is an ideal option for individuals who do not have a bank account for direct depost or choose to use one.  It enables you to receive your paycheck in real time every Friday without a delay waiting for a paper check in the mail  There are NO monthly, annual or low balance fees which make it very convenient for individuals who do not have or do not choose to utilize their bank accounts.

Global Cash Card enables associates to pay bills online, purchase items online or in person using Visa and they also have access to Global Cash Card rewards.  Your paycheck is simply deposited into this account and you access it using your Global Cash Card which will require a 4 digit PIN (personal identification number) that you set up when you activate your card. You may withdraw cash similar to a debit card and utilize your Global Cash Card at an ATM.  There are two preferred ATM networks when you use an Allpoint or MoneyPass ATM which are offered to help you contain costs. (Otherwise standard ATM surcharges are applied.)

To initiate the Global Cash Card, LLoyd requires you to meet with your Staffing Specialist to set up your account.  You will be providing all of the following:

  • First, Middle initial, Last Name
  • Street Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number

– and you will be required to sign and date the enrollment form in person at your LLoyd office.

When you first start working as a LLoyd Associate, you will be issued a temporary Global Cash Card upon your first assignment.  Once you are working and money has been uploaded to your account, Global Cash Card will send you your official card which will be personalized with your name on it.  At that time, you activate the card and set up your PIN.  From there on, you are good to go and will continue to utilize this payment method throughout your tenure as a LLoyd Associate.

If you have any questions specific to Global Cash Card usage and rewards, you can access their FAQs here.

View Paystubs and W-4 Online

Once you start your first assignment it will be important to register for online access to your pay information using LLoyd’s ADP Payroll Portal.

After your first check is issued please go to LLoyd’s ADP Payroll Portal and register.


Click on the “Register Here” button under First Time User?

Enter Your Registration Pass Code:   Email LLoyd Payroll to obtain Registration pass Code    (required for registration)

Then, you must create a User name, Password and security questions. Once registered you will be able to access and print pay and W2 statements easily, as well as access links to company news, policies and important forms.

Registered users may log in anytime with your user name and password by going to: LLoyd’s ADP Payroll Portal

Please note that ADP’s Mobile App is available to download from iTunes, Google play, Amazon app store and the Windows phone store for your convenience when you are on the go.

Expense Report

At times, the company where you are assigned may require you to incur expenses as they relate to your position and are approved and reimbursable by the client company. In this case, you will need to complete a LLoyd Expense Report and have your Client Supervisor sign it, then you will submit it with your timesheet.

Download an Expense Report (as directed to use by your LLoyd Talent Specialist)



LLoyd Payroll Department

Email:    Payroll@LLoydstaffing.com
Phone:   631-370-7622