Health & Wellness Benefits

Employee Health Coverage

We are pleased to provide LLoyd Associates with a comprehensive action plan for healthcare and wellness.



Choose the plan that best suits your needs:

  1. Oxford Health plans major medical/epo (5 choices)

  2. Marketplace (multiple choices)

  3. Medicare (age and/or disability based)

Each plan offers a co-payment for doctor visits and a prescription drug plan. Initial eligibility requirements are the acceptance of a LLoyd assignment. 


LLoyd Staffing offers five major medical programs to all eligible Temporary Associates and Consultants through OXFORD Medical/EPO. Associates may choose the one best suited to their needs. Four of the five OXFORD programs offer a national network and all plans offer full prescription drug coverage. No referrals are required from your primary care physician to visit a specialist. You must visit a participating provider for qualified medical services to be covered. (Exception- True emergency room visits are covered regardless of participation.

  • Your Cost: LLoyd Staffing contributes toward the cost of your medical coverage monthly and will payroll deduct you weekly for your portion of the premium.
  • To Search for a Participating Provider (doctor, hospital, lab) go to:
    When prompted, select the appropriate network (Freedom, Liberty, or Metro). If you live outside the NY, NJ area, you will use the United Choice Plus network. To find this network, click on United Healthcare on the bottom left side of the homepage.


You are eligible to enroll at different times of the year for the following reasons:

  • Once you have met your new hire waiting period
  • Open enrollment (January 1st) – provided you have met your waiting period
  • Mid-year if you experience a qualifying event like involuntary loss of other medical coverage.

A current participant can change/terminate their plan and enroll/terminate dependents at open enrollment as well.

These are the five options with Oxford; click on the pdf below to review additional information on each of these options.

Option 1: Freedom Platinum EPO 5/15 National Network
Option 2: Freedom Gold EPOc 15/35 National Network
Option 3: Metro Gold EPOc 25/40 New York/New Jersey Network
Option 4: Liberty Silver EPOc 40/70 National Network
Option 5: Liberty Bronze EPO H S A National Network


Varies by option – see the chart and/or review with the LLoyd Insurance contact noted below.

Click for PDF/chart of OXFORD options & costs
Marketplace Notice


Major Medical Plans:

Each State offers several major medical options through their Marketplace. You will be directed to your state’s Marketplace by going to www.healthcare.gov. You may sign up for a plan during the open enrollment period from November 1st through January 31st. You may also qualify to enroll mid-year if you experience a qualifying event like involuntary loss of other major medical coverage.

  • Important Notice: LLoyd Staffing offers “affordable” medical insurance that meets all minimum benefits and values as defined by the Affordable Care Act, therefore; you may not qualify for a reduction in premium (subsidy/tax credit) through the Marketplace. In addition, LLoyd does not contribute toward the cost of these plans and you will not be payroll deducted. You will send premium direct to the carrier.


Varies by option – visit the website/or review with the LLoyd Insurance contact.

Medicaid and Children’s State Medical Programs:

If you qualify, the Marketplace can enroll you at any time of the year into Medicaid and/or Children’s Health Plus (NY) or other state-run children’s’ plans offered by your state. Contact the Marketplace direct to confirm if you qualify.


Medicare is for those that are either age 65+ or younger due to disability. Here is a link to the official government site for Medicare.

CONTACT for OXFORD Major Medical, Marketplace or Medicare:

Carol Winwood, Broker
(Windwood Associates at Louis C. Ciliberti and Associates)
Phone:  631-293-2260, ext 204
Email:   Cwinwood@Winwoodinsurance.com



LLoyd offers a wide range of dental programs to choose from. These are offered through Dental for Everyone and are nationwide.

These programs are not traditional “dental insurance” but rather reduced-fee-for-service plans where members pay a specified fee such as a co-pay, fee percentage or a flat dollar amount for comprehensive dental coverage. There are savings on virtually all dental procedures. Participants do not pay deductibles, fill out forms or have wait restrictions.

Savings Benefits include:

  • Routine dental care such as cleanings, exams, and xrays
  • More complex care such as extractions, root canals or braces
  • All pre-existing conditions are covered
  • No limits on treatments – no claim forms or referrals are required
  • No waiting periods, no age limits or exclusions
  • Immediate same day coverage

The cost to Participate and Enrollment options may vary by program.

Review programs and enroll at Dental for Everyone.
Simply find a Dental provider in your region by following the online prompts.


LLoyd’s Vision options include services for a wellness annual eye exam, frames and contacts allowance and more. Benefits are provided both in and out of network.

Review programs and enroll at GVS.
The flyer below explains the services and reimbursements.

CONTACT for GVS Vision:

Carol Winwood, Broker
(Windwood Associates at Louis C. Ciliberti and Associates)
Phone:  631-293-2260, ext 204
Email:   Cwinwood@Winwoodinsurance.com

Vision plan overview:


Participant retailers:


Voluntary or supplemental insurance plans will help protect your financial well-being in the event of a serious accidental illness. It offers a way to stay ahead of the medical and out-of-pocket expenses that major medical insurance does not cover. LLoyd is pleased to offer four different products from AFLAC to our Associates.

  • Accident Advantage Plan
  • Cancer Care Plan
  • Aflac Choice Plan
  • Lump-Sum Critical Illness


Nobody plans to be in an accident, but when it happens, medical bills and loss of income can put a dent in anybody’s finances. Aflac’s accident insurance plans help policyholders be prepared by providing benefits for many treatments/hospital stays, ER/Doctor visits associated with accidental injury. Issue ages between the ages of 18 and 75 and Guaranteed Renewable for LIFE!


In 1958, Aflac introduced its first cancer policy. The goal was to help protect individuals and their families from the damage that cancer can do financially, if not physically. Aflac’s Cancer plans can help with the treatment costs of cancer as well as costs not covered by major medical, such as out-of-pocket medical expenses or travel. Issue ages between the ages of 18 and 70 and Guaranteed Renewable for LIFE!

Aflac choice PLAN:

Designed to help you with exposure to deductibles and co-payments, our plans pay cash to you in case of sickness, injury or child delivery, regardless of what your health insurance pays or doesn’t pay. Get cash for hospitalization, doctor visits, major diagnostic exams, ER visits, lab work, child delivery and lots more. You can buy this policy regardless of your health status (see brochure for details). Issue ages between the ages of 18 and 75 Guaranteed Renewable for LIFE!


On average, someone in the U.S. will suffer a heart attack every 34 seconds, and about every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. has a stroke. Recovery is tough, but it’s tougher when the bills start to come in. Aflac Specified Health Event Rider helps policyholders recuperate without the stress or worry over financial setbacks. Critical Illness is available as a stand-alone plan. Issue ages between the ages of 18 and 74 and Guaranteed Renewable for LIFE!


An Associate may enroll at any time during the year regardless of open enrollment or date of hire.

LLoyd recommends that you contact our AFLAC Representative to fully understand the scope and cost of the options you are offered.


Domenico Mautarelli, Independent Agent
Phone:  631/298-5230
Email:    domenico_mautarelli@us.aflac.com
Web:      https://www.aflac.com

LLoyd Contact

If you would like to speak with someone at LLoyd regarding any of the above Health options (Medical, Dental, Vision or Supplemental), please direct your inquiries to:


Email:    HR@LLoydstaffing.com
Phone:   631-777-7600, ext. 7623